Newly available in paperback, this is the first book to bring together classic and contemporary readings illustrating the new subdiscipline, evolutionary psychopathology. Each chapter demonstrates how evolutionary arguments are being brought to bear on the study of a different psychiatric condition or pathalogical behaviour. The Maladapted Mind is aimed primarily at primarily at advanced students and researchers in the fields of psychiatry, abnormal psychology, biological anthropology, evolutionary biology and cognitive science.

chapter 1|22 pages

Are mental disorders diseases?

ByRandolph Nesse, George Williams

chapter 2|15 pages

Evolutionary biology

A basic science for psychiatry?
ByM.T. McGuire, L. Marks, R.M. Nesse, A. Triosi

chapter 3|17 pages

Evolutionary epidemiology

Darwinian theory in the service of medicine and psychiatry
ByDaniel R. Wilson

chapter 4|16 pages

Fear and fitness

An evolutionary analysis of anxiety disorders
ByIsaac M. Marks, Randolph M. Nesse

chapter 5|11 pages

An evolutionary perspective on panic disorder and agoraphobia

ByRandolph M. Nesse

chapter 6|29 pages

A cognitive developmental approach to morality

Investigating the psychopath
ByR.J.R. Blair

chapter 7|17 pages

Evolutionary social psychology and family homicide

ByMartin Daly, Margo Wilson

chapter 8|56 pages

The sociobiology of sociopathy

An integrated evolutionary model
ByLinda Mealey

chapter 9|17 pages

The evolution of the “con Artist”

ByLee Alan Dugatkin

chapter 10|33 pages

How to build a baby that can read minds

Cognitive mechanisms in mindreading
BySimon Baron-Cohen

chapter 11|13 pages

The Social Competition Hypothesis of Depression

ByJohn Price, Leon Sloman, Russell Gardner, Paul Gilbert, Peter Rohde

chapter 12|28 pages

Depression in evolutionary context

ByMichael T. McGuire, Alfonso Troisi, Michael M. Raleigh