This volume examines the legal status of religion in education, both public and non-public, in the United States and seven other nations. It will stimulate further interest, research, and debate on comparative analyses on the role of religion in schools at a time when the place of religion is of vital interest in most parts of the world. This interdisciplinary volume includes chapters by leading academicians and is designed to serve as a resource for researchers and educational practitioners, providing readers with an enhanced awareness of strategies for addressing the role of religion in rapidly diversifying educational settings. There is currently a paucity of books devoted solely to the topic written for interdisciplinary and international audiences involving educators and lawyers, and this book will clarify the legal complexities and technical language among the law, education, and religion.

chapter 2|14 pages

School Prayer

ByMartha M. McCarthy

chapter 3|14 pages

Religion and the Public School Curriculum

BySuzanne E. Eckes, Allison Fetter-Harrott

chapter 4|14 pages

Distribution of Religious Materials in Public Schools

ByRalph D. Mawdsley

chapter 5|11 pages

Religious Displays and Holiday Observances in Public Schools

ByKevin P. Brady

chapter 6|15 pages

Wearing Religious Garb in Public Schools

ByAllan G. Osborne

chapter 7|15 pages

Clash of Values

Religious Autonomy and State Efforts to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination
ByWilliam E. Thro

chapter 9|23 pages

From “Common Christianity” to “Equal Concern and Respect”

Working Out a New Understanding of Religion's Place in Canada's Schools
ByGregory M. Dickinson, Nora M. Findlay

chapter 10|21 pages

Adapting to Religious Diversity

Legal Protection of Religious Preference in State-Funded Schools in England
ByNeville Harris, Javier García Oliva

chapter 11|14 pages

The Legal Status of Religion in Publicly-Funded Schools in Ireland

ByDympna Glendenning

chapter 12|12 pages

Freedom of Religion and Religious Practices in School

The Judicial Approach in Malaysia
ByFatt Hee Tie

chapter 13|14 pages

Freedom of Conscience and the Right to Education in Russia

A Secular Country of Cultural and Religious Diversity
ByMaria Smirnova

chapter 14|13 pages

Education, Religion, and the Law in South Africa

ByMarius Smit

chapter 15|12 pages

Analysis and Recommendations

ByCharles J. Russo