This is the fourth volume in the widely hailed series of Ericksonian Monographs sponsored by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation as part of its expanding educational forum for mental health professionals. The Ericksonian Monographs make available original work - theory, clinical technique, case material, and research - on the cutting edge of Ericksonian thought and practice. Ericksonian Monographs No. 4 presents a richly stimulating collection of articles which deal with three extremely important areas of development in Ericksonian work: research, integration within the practice of other therapies and medical applications.

chapter |4 pages


chapter |16 pages

A Linguistic-Structural Model for the Investigation of Indirect Suggestion

ByMichael B. Murphy, M. Phil

chapter |29 pages

The Use of Hypnotic-Relaxation Cassettes in a Gynecologic-Obstetric Ward

ByHaim Omer, Ph.D., Adam Darnel, M.D., Nehama Silberman, M.A., Daphna Shuval, M.A., and Tzvi Palti, M.D.

chapter |17 pages

Changing Early Life Decisions Using Ericksonian Hypnosis

ByMaggie Phillips

chapter |9 pages

The Application of Ericksonian Principles to the Use of Medication

BySteven Goldsmith, M.D.

chapter |10 pages

Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in Clinical Settings

ByJuliet Auer, C.Q.S.W., M. Phil.

chapter 10|9 pages

Ten-Minute Trance: Ericksonian Techniques in a by Bob Britchford

Busy General Medical Practice
ByBob Britchford, MRCPsych.