Preventive Approaches in Couples Therapy is the first thorough overview of the leading approaches to preventing marital distress and dissolution. Written for professionals, paraprofessionals, and lay people involved in the development and implementation of preventive programs, the editors have created a resource accessible to all those in the field of couples therapy. The volume serves as an important resource for programs that the therapist may already use and as an insightful introduction into new programs that can strengthen and invigorate these existing therapeutic approaches.

part I|27 pages


chapter 1|27 pages


ByRony Berger, Mo Therese Hannah

part II|303 pages


chapter 2|27 pages

Marriage Enrichment, A.C.M.E.-Style

ByPreston M. Dyer, Genie H. Dyer

chapter 3|18 pages

Marriage Encounter

A Positive Preventive Enrichment Program
ByRhoderick J. Elin

chapter 4|33 pages

Relationship Enhancement® Enrichment and Problem-Prevention Programs

Therapy-Derived, Powerful, Versatile
ByClay Cavedo, Bernard G. Guerney

chapter 5|19 pages

Structured Enrichment and Distance Writing for Couples

ByLuciano L’Abate

chapter 6|24 pages

Couple Communication

A System for Equipping Partners To Talk, Listen, and Resolve Conflicts Effectively
BySherod Miller, Peter A. D. Sherrard

chapter 7|20 pages

TIME for a Better Marriage

ByJon Carlson, Don Dinkmeyer

chapter 8|27 pages

Imago Relationship Therapy

Creating a Conscious Marriage or Relationship
ByHarville Hendrix, Helen Hunt

chapter 9|21 pages


Version 2000
ByDavid H. Olson, Amy K. Olson

chapter 10|20 pages

The PAIRS Program

ByLori Heyman Gordon, Carlos Durana

chapter 11|18 pages

Preparing Couples for Marriage

The SYMBIS Model
ByLes Parrott, Leslie Parrott

chapter 12|24 pages

The Caring Couples Network

ByRichard A. Hunt, Joan A. Hunt

chapter 13|25 pages

Helping Couples Fight for Their Marriages

The PREP Approach
ByScott M. Stanley, Susan L. Blumberg, Howard J. Markman

chapter 14|27 pages

The Marriage Survival Kit

A Research-Based Marital Therapy
ByJohn Mordechai Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman

part 3|60 pages


chapter 15|30 pages

Recent Advances in the Prediction of Marital Outcomes

ByRonald M. Rogge, Thomas N. Bradbury

chapter 16|30 pages

Preventing Marital Distress

What Does Research Offer?
ByAdrian B. Kelly, Frank D. Fincham

part 4|38 pages


chapter 17|38 pages


The Future of Preventive Interventions With Couples
ByRony Berger, Rita DeMaria