Every day, learners use and reuse open, digital resources for learning. Reusing Open Resources offers a vision of the potential of these open, online resources to support learning. The book follows on from Reusing Online Resources: A Sustainable Approach to E-learning. At that time focus was on the creation, release and reuse of digital learning resources modeled on educational materials. Since then the open release of resources and data has become mainstream, rather than specialist, changing societal expectations around resource reuse. Social and professional learning networks are now routine places for the exchange of online knowledge resources that are shared, manipulated and reused in new ways, opening opportunities for new models of business, research and learning.

The goal of this book is to extend the debate of how open, online resources might support learning across diverse contexts. Twenty-four distinguished experts from nine countries distributed across Europe and North America contribute empirical evidence and ideas. Collectively they provide a vision of the potential of open, online resources to support learning across everyday contexts of education, work and life.

chapter 1|23 pages


Reusing Open Resources for Learning
ByAllison Littlejohn, Chris Pegler

part 1|65 pages


chapter 2|16 pages

Agoraphobia and the Modern Learner

ByJon Dron, Terry Anderson

chapter 3|14 pages

‘Open-Sourcing' Personal Learning

BySebastian H.D. Fiedler

chapter 4|13 pages

Open Networks and Bounded Communities

Tensions Inherent In Releasing Open Educational Resources
ByAllison Littlejohn, Isobel Falconer, Lou McGill, Helen Beetham

chapter 5|20 pages


A European Policy Perspective
ByJesús Maria Alquézar Sabadie, Jonatan Castaño Muñoz, Yves Puni, Christine Redecker, Riina Vuorikari

part 2|34 pages


chapter 6|11 pages

Workplace Learning in Informal Networks

ByColin Milligan, Allison Littlejohn, Anoush Margaryan

chapter 7|11 pages

Challenges of Collaborative Knowledge Creation

Work with Shared Objects
BySami Paavola

chapter 8|10 pages

Open, Lifewide Learning

A Vision
ByAllison Littlejohn, Isobel Falconer, Lou McGill

part 3|53 pages


chapter 9|11 pages

Learning Across Sites Through Learning by Design in Use

ByMarisa Ponti, Magnus Bergquist, Ebba Ossiannilsson

chapter 10|16 pages

Massive Open Online Courses

A Traditional or Transformative Approach to Learning?
ByKatie Vale, Allison Littlejohn

chapter 11|12 pages

Analytics for Education

BySheila MacNeill, Lorna M. Campbell, Martin Hawksey

chapter 12|12 pages

Applying Agile Methods in Researching Open Education

ByPatrick McAndrew