Many claim that meditation is effective in the treatment of many ailments associated with stress and high blood pressure, and in the management of pain. While there are many popular books on meditation, few embrace the science as well as the art of meditation. In this volume, Shapiro and Walsh fill this need by assembling a complete collection of scholarly articles--Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives.

From an academic rather than a popular vantage, the volume takes the claims and counterclaims about meditation to a deeper analytical level by including studies from clinical psychology and psychiatry, neuroscience, psychophysiology, and biochemistry. Each selection is a contribution to the field, either as a classic of research, or by being methodologically elegant, heuristically interesting, or creative. Original articles cover such topics as the effects of meditation in the treatment of stress, hypertension, and addictions; the comparison of meditation with other self-regulation strategies; the adverse effects of meditation; and meditation-induced altered states of consciousness.

Concluding with a major bibliography of related works, Meditation offers the reader a valuable overview of the state and possible future directions of meditation research. Today, in the popular media and elsewhere, debate continues: Is meditation an effective technique for spiritual and physical healing, or is it quackery? Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives weighs in on this debate by presenting what continues to be the most complete collection of scholarly articles ever amassed on the subject of meditation.

part II|312 pages

The Psychology of Meditation

part A|17 pages

On Therapeutic Effects of Meditation

chapter 5|6 pages

Meditation as Psychotherapy: A Review of the Literature

ByJonathan C. Smith

part B|147 pages

Meditation as a Clinical Self-Regulation Strategy

part B1|21 pages

Meditation and Stress Management

part B2|26 pages


chapter 9|8 pages

Decreased Drug Abuse with Transcendental Meditation—A Study of 1,862 Subjects*

ByHerbert Benson, R. Keith Wallace

chapter 10|16 pages

Effects of Meditation and Relaxation Training Upon Alcohol Use in Male Social Drinkers

ByC. Alan Marlatt, Robert R. Pagano, Richard M. Rose, Janice K Marques

part B3|14 pages


chapter 11|7 pages

Decreased Blood-Pressure in Pharmacologically Treated Hypertensive Patients Who Regularly Elicited the Relaxation Response

ByHerbert Benson, Bernard A. Rosner, Barbara R. Marzetta, Helen M. Klemchuk

chapter 12|5 pages

Psychotherapeutic Control of Hypertension

ByRichard A. Stone, James De Leo

part B4|61 pages

General Psychotherapeutic Applications for the Client and the Therapist

chapter 13|6 pages

Further Experience with the Therapy Based Upon Concepts of Patanjali in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

ByN. S. Vahia, D. R. Doongaji, D. V. Jeste, S. N. Kapoor, Indubala Ardhapurkar, S. Ravindra Nath

chapter 14|9 pages

Meditation in the Treatment of Psychiatric Illness

ByBernard C. Glueck, Charles F. Stroebel

chapter 15|36 pages

Zen Meditation and the Development of Empathy in Counselors 1 , 2

ByTerry V. Lesh

part B5|23 pages

Additional Findings: Normal Subjects

chapter 17|8 pages

Adverse Effects of Transcendental Meditation

ByLeon S. Otis

chapter 18|9 pages

Psychological Assessment of Transcendental Meditation

ByJoseph Bono

part C|142 pages

Meditation as Altered States of Consciousness

part C1|42 pages

Attentional/Perceptual Issues

chapter 19|4 pages

Influence of Transcendental Meditation Upon Autokinetic Perception

ByKenneth R. Pelletier

chapter 20|4 pages

Attentional and Affective Concomitants of Meditation: A Cross-Sectional Study

ByRichard J. Davidson, Daniel J. Goleman, Gary E. Schwartz

chapter 21|31 pages

A Rorschach Study of the Stages of Mindfulness Meditation

ByDaniel P. Brown, Jack Engter

part C2|98 pages

Experiences During Meditation

chapter 22|6 pages

Initial Meditative Experiences

ByRoger Walsh

chapter 23|10 pages

Dimensionality in Meditative Experience: A Replication

ByRichard L. Kohr

chapter 24|36 pages

A Model for the Levels of Concentrative Meditation 1

ByDaniel P. Brown

chapter 25|44 pages

The Buddha on Meditation and States of Consciousness

ByDaniel J. Goleman

part III|171 pages

Physiology of Meditation

part A|48 pages

Physiology of Meditation: Review Articles

chapter 26|7 pages

Psychophysiological Correlates of Meditation: A Review

ByRobert L. Woolfolk

chapter 27|20 pages

The Physiology of Meditation and Mystical States of Consciousness

ByJulian M. Davidson*

chapter 28|19 pages

Cerebral Laterality and Meditation: A Review of the Literature

ByJonathan B. B. Earle

part B|58 pages

General Metabolic and Autonomic Changes

chapter 29|15 pages

A Wakeful Hypometabolic Physiologic State

ByRobert Keith Wallace, Herbert Benson, Archie F. Wilson

chapter 30|8 pages

Autonomic Stability and Transcendental Meditation

ByDavid W. Orme-Johnson

chapter 31|7 pages

Psychophysiological Correlates of the Practice of Tantric Yoga Meditation

ByJames C. Corby, Walton T. Roth, Vincent P. Zarcone, Bert S. Kopell

chapter 32|18 pages

Metabolic and Eeg Changes During Transcendental Meditation: An Explanation

ByP. B. C. Fenwick, S. Donaldson, L. Gillis, J. Bushman, G. W. Fenton, I. Perry, C. Tilsley, H. Serafinowicz

chapter 33|8 pages

Metabolic Effects of Transcendental Meditation: Toward a New Paradigm of Neurobiology

ByRonald A. Jevning, James P. O’Halloran

part C|52 pages

Electroencephalographic Changes

chapter 34|5 pages

Some Aspects of Electroencephalographic Studies in Yogis

ByB. K. Anand, G. S. Chhina, Baldev Singh

chapter 35|13 pages

An Electroencephalographic Study of the Zen Meditation (Zazen)

ByAkira Kasamatsu, Tomio Hirai

chapter 36|9 pages

Spectral Analysis of the Eeg in Meditation 1

ByJ. P. Banquet

chapter 37|4 pages

Eeg Responses to Photic Stimulation in Persons Experienced at Meditation

ByPaul Williams, Michael West

chapter 38|4 pages

Hemispheric Laterality and Cognitive Style Associated with Transcendental Meditation

ByJames E. Bennett, John Trinder

chapter 39|9 pages

The Effect of Transcendental Meditation on Right Hemispheric Functioning 1

ByRobert R. Pagano, Lynn R. Frumkin

chapter 40|6 pages

Psychophysiological Correlates of Meditation: Eeg Changes During Meditation *

ByBernard C. Glueck, Charles F. Stoebel

part D|7 pages


chapter 41|6 pages

Sleep During Transcendental Meditation

ByRobert R. Pagano, Richard M. Rose, Robert M. Stivers, Stephen Warrenburg

part IV|133 pages

Additional Developments in Clinical and Research Aspects of Meditation

part A|18 pages

Refining the Independent Variable: Clinical Improvements

part B|25 pages

Meditation: For Whom, Which Subject Population, and for Which Clinical Problem?

chapter 46|7 pages

The Relationship of Client Characteristics to Outcome for Transcendental Meditation, Behavior Therapy, and Self-Relaxation

ByIrving H. Beiman, Stephen A. Johnson, Antonio E. Puente, Henry W. Majestic, Lewis E. Graham

chapter 47|9 pages

Patterning of Cognitive and Somatic Processes in the Self-Regulation of Anxiety: Effects of Meditation Versus Exercise

ByGary E. Schwartz, Richard J. Davidson, Daniel J. Goleman

part C|85 pages

Comparison with Other Self-Regulation Strategies

part C1|49 pages

Theoretical Comparisons

chapter 48|14 pages

Zen Meditation and Behavioral Self-Control: Similarities, Differences, and Clinical Applications

ByDeane H. Shapiro, Steven M. Zifferblatt

chapter 50|6 pages

Passive Meditation: Subjective, Clincal Comparison with Biofeedback

ByCharles F. Stroebel, Bernard C. Glueck

chapter 51|11 pages

Matching Relaxation Therapies to Types of Anxiety: A Patterning Approach

ByRichard J. Davidson, Gary E. Schwartz

part C2|33 pages

Research Comparisons

chapter 52|8 pages

Autonomic Correlates of Meditation and Hypnosis 1

ByLarry C. Walrath, David W. Hamilton

chapter 53|22 pages

A Physiological and Subjective Evaluation of Meditation, Hypnosis, and Relaxation

ByDonald R. Morse, John S. Martin, Merrick L. Fürst, Louis L. Dubin

part V|25 pages

Views of the State-of-the-Art

chapter 55|3 pages

Meditation and Behavior Therapy

ByRobert L. Woolfolk, Cyril M. Franks

chapter 56|2 pages

Meditation Research: Three Observations on the State-of-the-Art

ByJonathan C. Smith

chapter 57|2 pages

The State-of-the-Art of Meditation

ByArthur J. Deikman

chapter 58|5 pages

Potential Contributions of Meditation to Neuroscience

ByGordon G. Globus

chapter 59|5 pages

The Principles of Psychology of Zen

ByYoshiharu Akishige

chapter 60|2 pages

Meditation: The Problems of any Unimodal Technique

ByArnold A. Lazarus

part VI|4 pages


chapter |2 pages


ByDeane H. Shapiro, Roger N. Walsh