Volume thirteen in Current Topics in Management is focused on global perspectives on strategy, behavior, and performance. Originally presented at the 2008 ICAM (International Conference on Advances in Management) conference, these contributions provide a substantial basis for such thematic developments. Th e series continues to resist pressures for specialized research on narrow topics within some temporary niche. It transcends narrow disciplines and national boundaries to provide management research with a universalistic fl avor.

There are thousands of books and hundreds of academic and practitioner journals and magazines about the general subject of management. Each has its own subculture and concerns. The thirteenth volume of Current Topics is devoted to expanding and integrating ideas, research, and experiences that cuts across these specialties. Th e editor recognizes that it is important to respect the natural interdependencies that constitute management, but doing so requires the fi eld to rise above narrow specialization and niche research. For an outstanding vision of the frontiers of management research and emerging topics such as the sub-prime crisis and recession this volume is an excellent place to begin.

Among other topics, the volume highlights the economic roots of management--the increase in visibility and perceived importance of accounting in the banking sector and how accounting is signifi cant beyond its technical roles. It provides new insights into how management accounting practices, along with other organizational systems, play an important role in questioning, visualizing, analyzing, and measuring implemented strategies. It understands accounting's important infl uence on strategic decision-making, and its role in legitimating action. Cumulatively, these contributions integrate theory, research, and practice, while sharing ideas and insights from diff erent national, cultural, and research traditions.