There is wide consensus on the importance of knowledge for economic growth and local development patterns. This book proposes a view of knowledge as a collective, systemic and evolutionary process that enables agents and social systems to overcome the challenges of the limits to growth. It brings together new conceptual and empirical contributions, analysing the relationship between demand and supply factors and the rate and direction of technological change. It also examines the different elements that compose innovation systems.

The Economics of Knowledge, Innovation and Systemic Technology Policy provides the background for the development of an integrated framework for the analysis of systemic policy instruments and their mutual interaction the socio-political and economic conditions of the surrounding environment. These aspects have long been neglected in innovation policy, as policymakers, academics and the business community, have mostly emphasized the benefits of supply side strategies. However, a better understanding of innovation policies grafted on a complexity-based approach calls for the appreciation of the mutual interactions between both supply and demand aspects, and it is likely to improve the actual design of policy measures.

This book will help readers to understand the foundations and working of demand-driven innovation policies by stressing the importance of compent and smart demand.

part I|92 pages

Knowledge, innovation and the demand side

chapter 2|33 pages

On the co-evolution of innovation and demand

Some policy implications

chapter 4|36 pages

Market-based demand-driven innovation

Seven key principles and illustrative case studies

part III|183 pages

Innovation and systemic technology policy

chapter 10|32 pages

The multi-dimensional additionality of innovation policies

A multi-level application to Italy and Spain 1

chapter 11|40 pages

Innovation policies as engines of economic growth

Standard lessons and systemic insights for Bulgaria

chapter 12|37 pages

The emergence of wind energy in Spain

A review of the policy mix

chapter 13|13 pages

The role of environmental policy for eco-innovation

Theoretical background and empirical results for different countries

chapter 14|22 pages

Innovation policy for knowledge production and R&D

The investment portfolio approach