While in the past family life was characterised as a "haven from the harsh realities of life", it is now recognised as a site of vulnerabilities and a place where care work can go unacknowledged and be a source of social and economic hardship. This book addresses the strong relationships that exist between vulnerability and care and dependency in particular contexts, where family law and social policy have a contribution to make.

A fundamental premise of this collection is that vulnerability needs to be analysed in a way that gets at the heart of the differential power relationships that exist in society, particularly in respect of access to family justice, including effective social policy and law targeted at the specific needs of families in mutually dependent caring relationships. It is therefore crucial to critically examine the various approaches taken by policy makers and law reformers in order to understand the range of ways that some families, and some family members, may be rendered more vulnerable than others.

The first book of its kind to provide an intersectional approach to this subject, Vulnerabilities, Care and Family Law will be of interest to students and practitioners of social policy and family law.

chapter |21 pages


Vulnerabilities, care and family law
ByJulie Wallbank, Jonathan Herring

chapter |21 pages

The contours of ‘vulnerability'

ByJennifer Collins

chapter |16 pages

Making family law more careful

ByJonathan Herring

chapter |21 pages

Universal norms, individualisation and the need for recognition

The failure(s) of the self-managed post-separation family
ByJulie Wallbank

chapter |20 pages

Autonomy and vulnerability in family law

The missing link
ByAlison Diduck

chapter |23 pages

Mediation and vulnerable parents

ByChristine Piper

chapter |14 pages

Child support, child contact and social class

ByStephen McKay

chapter |18 pages

Labour law, family law and care

A plea for convergence
ByNicole Busby

chapter |17 pages

Relational vulnerability, care and dependency

ByJo Bridgeman