Few countries have integrated into the world economy as fast – or as dramatically – as China has since 1978. The world’s most populous country is emerging as a world workshop and export machine: a visit to a department store in any country will unearth a plethora of goods manufactured in the People’s Republic. China is now the world’s fourth largest exporting nation.  In this important book, Kevin Zhang brings together an international team of contributors to analyze this development process. Taking a thematic approach, the book covers:

* manufacturing exports and the world workshop
* foreign capital and china’s industrial development
* challenges from the WTO and openness.

This topical analysis will be an excellent resource for postgraduate students and researchers in the fields of Asian and Chinese studies, export studies, and economics.

chapter |6 pages


part |2 pages

Part IV Concluding remarks

chapter 13|17 pages

Is China the world factory?