Education is a controversial subject in which difficult and contested discourses are the norm. Individuals in education experience multiple inequalities and have diverse identifications that cannot necessarily be captured by one theoretical perspective alone. This edited collection draws on empirical and theoretical research to examine the intersections of "race," gender and class, alongside other aspects of personhood, within education. Contributors from the fields of education and sociology seek to locate the dimensions of difference and identity within recent theoretical discourses such as Critical Race Theory, Judith Butler and ‘queer’ theory, post-structural approaches and multicultural models, as they analyze whiteness and the education experience of minority ethnic groups. By combining a mix of intellectually rigorous, accessible, and controversial chapters, this book presents a distinctive and engaging voice, one that seeks to broaden the understanding of education research beyond the confines of the education sphere into an arena of sociological and cultural discourse.

chapter |10 pages


Intersectionality and ‘Race' in Education: Theorising Difference
ByKalwant Bhopal, John Preston

chapter 1|18 pages

The Unhappy Marriage Between Marxism and Race Critique

Political Economy and the Production of Racialized Knowledge Zeus Leonardo
ByZeus Leonardo

chapter 2|28 pages

The White Working Class, Racism and Respectability

Victims, Degenerates and Interest-Convergence
ByDavid Gillborn

chapter 3|19 pages

Interrogating Pigmentocracy

The Intersections of Race and Social Class in the Primary Education of Afro-Trinidadian Boys
ByRavi Rampersad

chapter 4|21 pages

A Critical Appraisal of Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Limitations and Opportunities
ByAlpesh Maisuria

chapter 5|19 pages

Race Slash Class

Mixed-Heritage Youth in a London School
ByIndra Dewan

chapter 6|22 pages

‘If you're Holding a Degree in This Country No-One's Gonna Ask No Questions’

Intracategorical Intersectionality and BAME Youth Postcompulsory Educational Achievement in the UK
ByAndrew Morrison

chapter 8|20 pages

Understanding Class Anxiety and ‘Race' Certainty in Changing Times

Moments of Home, School, Body and Identity Configuration in ‘New Migrant' Dublin
ByKarl Kitching

chapter 9|14 pages

Beyond Culture

From Beyoncé's Dream, ‘If You Thought I Would Wait for You, You Got It Wrong’ (2008), to the Age of Michelle Obama
ByNamita Chakrabarty

chapter |8 pages


Intersectional Theories and ‘Race': From Toolkit to ‘Mash-Up’
ByJohn Preston, Kalwant Bhopal