This book presents a wide-ranging assessment of the current state of China’s economy in relation to the global international economy. It discusses the role China has played in responding to the economic crisis; assesses the continuing strong prospects for further economic growth in China; and examines China’s deepening integration into the world economy. Specific topics covered include China’s foreign reserves and global economic recovery; the international expansion of Chinese multinationals and China’s private businesses; and the role of technological innovation in China’s economic growth. Overall, the book provides a wealth of detail and up-to-date insights concerning China’s development path, growth potential, sustainability and impact.

part I|103 pages

China's adjustment in the crisis

chapter 1|15 pages

China's battle against the global economic crisis

ByQixiang Sun, Xiaolan Fu

chapter 2|23 pages

A curious partnership in global imbalances

China's continual accumulation of US treasuries
ByZhichao Zhang, Frankie Chau, Nan Shi

chapter 4|22 pages

Guanxi as competitive advantage during economic crises

Evidence from China during the recent global financial crisis 1
BySusanne Ruehle

chapter 5|22 pages

China and the world

Assessment and prospect of the “post-crisis” era
ByAngang Hu

part II|95 pages

China and the world economy

chapter 6|20 pages

The rise of China

Implications for global stability and sustainability 1
ByCarl J. Dahlman

chapter 7|19 pages

Global manufactures prices, 1988–2006

How do China's exports compare?
ByXiaolan Fu, Dinar Kale, Raphael Kaplinksy

chapter 8|21 pages

An exploration of how Chinese companies use tax havens and offshore financial centres

‘Round-tripping' or ‘capital-augmenting’ OFDI?
ByDylan Sutherland, Ben Matthews, El-Gohari Ahmad

chapter 9|11 pages

National and international expansion of Chinese SMEs

A different story? 1
ByGuillermo Cardoza, Gaston Fornes

chapter 10|22 pages

Dissecting Chinese ODI

Dragon multinationals in Italy
ByValeria Gattai

part III|101 pages

China's growth potential

chapter 11|30 pages

China's growth potential

ByJinghai Zheng, Angang Hu, Arne Bigsten

chapter 12|20 pages

The sustainability of China's export growth

The role of the private sector and foreign trade reforms
ByXiaolan Fu, Didi Xu

chapter 13|19 pages

Technological innovation, productivity and competitiveness

Evidence from China's IT manufacturing sector
ByJinghua Xu

chapter 14|11 pages

Creativity, management and success of research projects

A cross-country comparison
ByJizhen Li, Xin Pu

chapter 15|19 pages

Bank efficiency and productivity growth in Hong Kong and Macau

ByXiaoqing (Maggie) Fu, Iek Lam (Alden) Vong