Sport Education: International Perspectives presents a series of studies of the innovative pedagogical model that has taken the physical education world by storm. Since the emergence of the Sport Education model in the mid-1990s, it has been adopted and adapted in physical education programs around the world and a new research literature has followed in its wake. This book offers a review of international Sport Education schemes and projects, and documents what it takes to run a successful Sport Education program.

Exploring Sport Education across all levels of education, from the elementary school to the university, the book provides answers to key question such as:

  • what models have been developed to teach Sport Education?
  • what do successful SE programs look like?
  • what do teachers think about SE and how to make it work?
  • what are the implications for professional development across the range of human movement studies?

With contributions from leading international scholars and practitioners from the US, Europe and Asia, this book offers a more thoughtful and critical set of perspectives on sport education than any other. It is essential reading for any student, pre-service teacher, classroom teacher or university instructor working in SE, PE, youth sport, sports coaching or related disciplines.

part Part I|60 pages

Contexts of adoption of Sport Education

chapter 2|15 pages

Sustainable Sport Education in primary education

An English case study
ByToni M. O’Donovan, Ann MacPhail, David Kirk

chapter 3|11 pages

Sport Education in Korean schools

ByJinhee Kim

chapter 4|17 pages

The emergence of Sport Education in Scottish primary schools

ByMike Jess, Nicola Carse, Paul McMillan, Matthew Atencio

chapter 5|15 pages

Applying Sport Education in university basic instruction courses

ByWesley Meeteer II, Lynn Housner, Sean Bulger, Andrew Hawkins, Robert Wiegand

part Part II|76 pages

Students' and teachers' responses to Sport Education

chapter 6|17 pages

Sport Education in the elementary school

A report from Cyprus
ByNiki Tsangaridou

chapter 8|11 pages

A Spanish teacher's experience with Sport Education

A narrative account
ByDiego Martínez de Ojeda, Antonio Calderón Luquin, Peter Hastie

chapter 9|17 pages

Pursuing Social and Emotional Learning Outcomes through Sport Education

An Australian case study
BySwee Chong Ang, Dawn Penney, Karen Swabey

chapter 10|16 pages

Explaining the attraction

Understanding the motivational responses of students to Sport Education
ByTristan Wallhead

part Part III|66 pages

Professional development for Sport Education

chapter 12|11 pages

Learning Sport Education through reflective inquiry

Four case studies
ByGary D. Kinchin

chapter 13|18 pages

Professional Learning of Primary Generalist Teachers in Ireland

Modelling Sport Education
ByAnn MacPhail, Deborah Tannehill

chapter 14|20 pages

Within school, in-depth professional development for sport education

A Russian model
ByOleg Sinelnikov