The papers in this volume relate to the nature and conditions of classroom learning, with particular emphasis on the cognitive aspects. They are concerned with the question of concept formation and stress the importance of the teacher’s function in ensuring that the child really has assimilated the ideas and not merely the words for the concepts. The role of language is fundamental to this theme, and the interaction of language, thinking and learning is dealt with in the first section of the book. This section also provides a context within which subsequent discussions of classroom learning problems can be viewed. Some problems concerning the elaboration of a general theory of teaching are then examined with particular reference to possible methods of bridging the gap between research and implementation.

part |4 pages


part |80 pages

Thinking, Language and Learning

chapter 1|10 pages

Learning to Think*

ByH. F. Harlow

chapter 2|6 pages

The Development of Children's Speech and Thought*

ByA. A. Liublinskaya

chapter 3|11 pages

Words, Meanings and Concepts*

ByJ. B. Carroll

chapter 4|10 pages

Language and Concepts*

ByE. Sapir

chapter 5|10 pages

Language and Mental Development*

ByA. R. Luria, F. Ia. Yudovich

chapter 6|7 pages

Thought and Word*

ByL. S. Vigotsky

chapter 7|7 pages

The Genetic Approach to the Psychology of Thought*

ByJ. Piaget

chapter 8|18 pages

The Learning of Principles*

ByR. M. Gagné

part |136 pages

Learning Theory and Teaching Practice

chapter 2|14 pages

Psychological Conceptions of Teaching*

ByN. L. Gage

chapter 3|13 pages

Some Theorems on Instruction*

ByJ. S. Bruner

chapter 4|17 pages

Methods of Scientific Research in the Psychology of Instruction*

ByZ. I. Kalmykova

chapter 5|13 pages

An Experimental Study in the Formation of Mental Actions*

ByP. Ia. Gal’perin

chapter 6|8 pages

The Stage Theory of the Formation of Mental Operations*

ByN. Talyzina

chapter 7|11 pages

Learning by Discovery: an Interpretation of Recent Research*

ByB. Y. Kersh, M. C. Wittrock

chapter 8|15 pages

Words, Meanings and Concepts*

ByJ. B. Carroll

chapter 9|4 pages

The Psychology of Learning*

ByD. N. Bogoiavlenski, N. A. Menchinskaia

chapter 10|13 pages

Reception Learning and the Rote-Meaningful Dimension*

ByD. P. Ausubel

chapter 11|15 pages

Interaction Analysis as a Feedback System in Teacher Preparation*

ByE. J. Amidon, E. Powell

part |1 pages

Some Aspects of Subject Teaching

chapter 1|8 pages

Educational Research and the Learning of Mathematics*

ByR. M. Beard

chapter 3|7 pages

The Mastery of Scientific Concepts in School*

ByR. G. Natadze

chapter 4|15 pages

The Mastery by Children of Some Concepts in Physics*

ByE. A. Fleshner

chapter 6|11 pages

Reading Skills Re-Examined*

ByJ. Merritt

chapter 7|13 pages

Learning to think about Reading*

ByJ. F. Reid

chapter 8|10 pages

Musical Communication*

ByJ. B. Brocklehurst

part |77 pages

Programming Teaching

chapter 1|12 pages

The Science of Learning and the Art of Teaching*

ByB. F. Skinner

chapter 2|12 pages

Learning Theory and Programmed Instruction*

ByA. N. Leont’ev, P. Ia. Gal’perin

chapter 3|8 pages

Teaching Machines in Programmed Instruction*

ByM.J. Tobin

chapter 4|15 pages

The Feasibility of Programmed Television Instruction*

ByS. K. Gryde

chapter 5|9 pages

Strategy and Tactics in Programmed Instruction*

ByE. Stones

chapter 6|12 pages

C.A.I.: Some Problems and Perspectives*

ByL. Stolurow

chapter 7|12 pages

An Instructional Systems Approach to Course Development*

ByM. R. Eraut

part |48 pages

Failure in Learning

chapter 1|17 pages

Handicaps in Learning*

ByA. Cashdan

chapter 2|14 pages

Perceptual-Motor Difficulties*

ByK. Wedell

chapter 3|7 pages

Memory Span and Language Proficiency*

ByN. C. Graham

chapter 4|11 pages

Levels of Expectancy and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy*

ByR. Rosenthal, L. Jacobson

part 7|45 pages

The Evaluation of Learning

chapter 1|20 pages

The Validity of Examinations at 16-Plus*

ByI. M. Connaughton

chapter 2|4 pages

Reliability and the GCE Examination*

ByA. S. Willmott

chapter 3|6 pages

The measurement of learning outcomes: some questions*

ByR. Glaser

chapter 4|15 pages

The Evaluation of Learning*

ByE. Stones