This volume gathers contributors across a wide range of disciplines to explore the relationship between the environment, economics, and development in Nigeria from the twentieth century to the present, examining issues such as violence, health, and contemporary concerns about sustainability and conservation. It sheds light not just on the environmental history of Nigeria - a crucial, paradigmatic case in its own right - but also offers insights into these issues as they manifest themselves throughout the developing world.

chapter |18 pages


Environmental Themes in Nigerian History
ByToyin Falola, Adam Paddock

part I|86 pages

Environment and Development

chapter 1|34 pages

From Kerosene to Avgas

International Oil Companies and Their Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1890s to 1945 1
ByKairn Klieman

chapter 3|13 pages

Biological-Based Warfare in Central Nigeria

An Aspect of Pre-Colonial Military Science and Technology
ByOlayemi Akinwumi, Mailafiya Aruwa Filaba

chapter 4|15 pages

Religion, Science and Conflict

Problems for a Sustainable Environment for Human and Economic Development
ByT. T. Asojo, S. O. Ijaola

part II|76 pages

Oil and Politics

chapter 5|18 pages

Oil Multinationals

‘Environmental Genocide' and Socioeconomic Development in Nigeria's Niger Delta
ByDonald O. Omagu

chapter 7|17 pages

State and Governance of Multinational Corporations

Shell Petroleum Company in the Niger Delta
BySamuel Ojo Oloruntoba

chapter 8|9 pages

“Big Motor and Dirty House”

Ken Saro-Wiwa's Fight with Royal Dutch Shell and Nigeria
ByMichael Sharp

chapter 9|12 pages

Religion in the Development of Environmental Ethics in Nigeria

Niger Delta in Perspective
ByS. O. Ijaola, T. T. Asojo

part III|73 pages

Environmental, Sociocultural and Political Dimensions

chapter 10|23 pages

From Oil Rivers to the Niger Delta

The Paradoxes of Domination and Resistance in Colonial Nigeria
ByCharles Ukeje

chapter 11|17 pages

Education Transformations and Traditional Medicine in Nsukka, Nigeria

ByJamaine Abidogun

chapter 13|13 pages

Creativity and Nature

Fagunwa's Tradition and Environmental Sustainability
ByArinpe Adejumo

chapter |6 pages


Nigeria and the Global Environment
ByToyin Falola, Adam Paddock