The Global Human Resource Management Casebook is a collection of business teaching cases, focusing on Human Resource Management issues around the world. Each case is based in a single country and illustrates one or more significant challenge faced by managers and HR practitioners. The influence of the unique national cultural and institutional context upon the issues in the case is emphasized. In total 32 unique and original cases are presented, each from different national contexts. Every case is followed by a set of questions for use in class discussion or private study of the cases.

This casebook is a project undertaken by a committee of international members of the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management (USA). The HR Division currently has over 3500 members worldwide, indicating a significant immediate audience for the text. The committee, referred to as the HR Ambassadors Committee (James Hayton, Chair) is intended to represent the global membership of the organization. We currently have members in over 60 countries, and Ambassadors for over 50 of these. The committee was established to contribute to the internationalization of the HR Division and the Academy of Management by creating collaborative projects that both involve and serve the global membership. This book, which represents the first product of our collaboration, is expected to provide a useful teaching tool for HRM educators, and secondarily is expected to be of use to HR practitioners with an interest in the globalization of HRM.

part |1 pages

Part I: Western Europe

chapter 4|11 pages

Netherlands: HRM and Culture at RetailCo: Corine Boon and Deanne N. Den Hartog


part |1 pages

Part Iv Mediterranean, Middle East, and Africa

chapter 19|9 pages

Jordan: The Jordan Company of Hospitality Education: Muhsen A. Makhamreh


part |1 pages

Part v Asia and Pacific Rim

chapter 28|11 pages

New Zealand: New Zealand Qualifications Authority: Jarrod Haar