In the 1960s and 1970s there was a remarkable development of interest in political education not only in Britain but also in other countries, namely the USA, Germany and Australia. This volume provides scholars and teachers in this field with a picture of British work in the area of political education.

part 1.0|76 pages

Challenge and Hesitation

chapter 1.1|16 pages

The introducing of politics in schools*

ByBernard Crick

chapter 1.2|6 pages

Political studies in the school: some problems*

ByDerek Heater

chapter 1.3|7 pages

Political education in schools: The official attitude*

ByDerek Heater

chapter 1.4|17 pages

On bias*

ByBernard Crick

chapter 1.6|21 pages

A burgeoning of interest: political education in Britain*

ByDerek Heater

part 2.0|46 pages

Theoretical Frameworks

chapter 2.1|14 pages

Basic political concepts and curriculum development*

ByBernard Crick

chapter 2.2|18 pages

Basic concepts for political education*

ByBernard Crick

chapter 2.3|12 pages

Procedural values in political education*

ByBernard Crick

part 3.0|70 pages

Some Contexts

chapter 3.2|31 pages

History teaching and political education*

ByDerek Heater

chapter 3.3|22 pages

Chalk-dust, punch-card and the polity*

ByBernard Crick