Winner of the Comparative and International Education Society Higher Education Special Interest Group Best Book Award for 2014!

As universities increasingly engage with the world beyond the classroom and the campus, those who work within higher education are left to examine how the university’s mission has changed. Official reviews and debates often forget to inquire into the purposes and responsibilities of universities, and how they are changing. Where these matters are addressed, they are rarely pursued in depth, and rarely go beyond current circumstances. Those who care about the university’s role in society are left looking for a renewed sense of purpose regarding its goals and aspirations.

The Future University explores new avenues opening up to universities and tackles fundamental issues facing their development. Contributors with interdisciplinary and international perspectives imagine ways to frame the university’s future. They consider the history of the university, its current status as an active player in local governments, cultures, and markets, and where these trajectories may lead.

What does it mean to be a university in the twenty-first century? What could the university become? What limitations do they face, and what opportunities might lie ahead? This volume in the International Studies in Higher Education series offers bold and imaginative possibilities.

chapter |11 pages


ByRonald Barnett

part 1|23 pages

Emerging Futures

chapter 1|11 pages

The Future isn't Waiting

BySheldon Rothblatt

chapter 2|10 pages

Imagining the University of the Future

ByLouise Morley

part 2|47 pages

Global Possibilities

chapter 3|11 pages

Accessing Knowledge in the University of the Future

Lessons from Australia
ByLeesa Wheelahan

chapter 4|9 pages

The Trajectory and Future of the Idea of the University in China

ByShuang-Ye Chen, Leslie N.K. Lo

chapter 5|12 pages

The Idea of the University in Latin America in the Twenty-First Century

ByMario Díaz Villa

chapter 6|13 pages

The Decline of the University in South Africa

Reconstituting the Place of Reason
ByYusef Waghid

part 3|54 pages

Ideas of the University

chapter 7|14 pages

Towards a Networked University 1

ByNicolas Standaert

chapter 8|11 pages

The University as Fool

ByDonncha Kavanagh

chapter 9|11 pages

Re-Imagining the University

Developing a Capacity to Care
ByGloria Dall’Alba

chapter 10|16 pages

Creating a Better World

Towards the University of Wisdom
ByNicholas Maxwell

part 4|62 pages

A University for Society

chapter 11|11 pages

Universities and the Common Good

ByJon Nixon

chapter 12|13 pages

Teaching in the University the Day After Tomorrow

ByPaul Standish

chapter 13|13 pages

The University

A Public Issue
ByJan Masschelein, Maarten Simons

chapter 14|9 pages

The Future of University Research in Africa

ByBerte van Wyk, Philip Higgs

chapter 15|14 pages

Knowledge Socialism

Intellectual Commons and Openness in the University
ByMichael A. Peters, Garett Gietzen, David J. Ondercin

chapter |4 pages


ByRonald Barnett