The main purpose of the book is to discuss new trends in the dynamic geography of innovation and argue that in an era of increasing globalization, two trends seem quite dominant: rigid territorial models of innovation, and localized configurations of innovative activities. The book brings together scholars who are working on these topics. Rather than focusing on established concepts and theories, the book aims to question narrow explanations, rigid territorializations, and simplistic policy frameworks; it provides evidence that innovation, while not exclusively dependent on regional contexts, can be influenced by place-specific attributes.

The book will bring together new empirical and conceptual work by an interdisciplinary group of leading scholars from areas such as economic geography, innovation studies, and political science. Based on recent discussions surrounding innovation systems of different types, it aims to synthesize state-of-the-art know-how and provide new perspectives on the role of innovation and knowledge creation in the global political economy.

chapter 1|17 pages

Territorial and Relational Dynamics in Knowledge Creation and Innovation

An Introduction
ByHarald Bathelt, Maryann P. Feldman, Dieter F. Kogler

part I|86 pages


chapter 2|25 pages

Marshallian Localization Economies

Where do They Come from and to Whom do They Flow? 1
ByW. Mark Brown, David L. Rigby

chapter 3|18 pages

Local Diversity and Creative Economic Activity in Canadian City-Regions

ByGregory M. Spencer

chapter 4|18 pages

Technological Relatedness and Regional Branching

ByRon Boschma, Koen Frenken

chapter 5|23 pages

Evolution of the Geographical Concentration Pattern of the Danish IT Sector

ByChristian R. Østergaard, Bent Dalum

part II|100 pages

Beyond Territory

chapter 6|42 pages

The Emerging Industry Puzzle

Optics Unplugged
ByMaryann P. Feldman, Iryna Lendel

chapter 7|19 pages

Food Geography and the Organic Empire

Modern Quests for Cultural-Creative-Related Variety
ByPhil Cooke

chapter 8|23 pages

Beyond Spillovers

Interrogating Innovation and Creativity in the Peripheries
ByAndrey N. Petrov

chapter 9|14 pages

The BioValley

Knowledge Dynamics in a Headquarter Location of Transnational Pharmaceutical Corporations
ByBernhard Fuhrer, Paul Messerli

part III|60 pages

Making Connections

chapter 10|20 pages

Islands of Expertise

Global Knowledge Transfer in a Technology Service Firm
ByJohannes Glückler

chapter 11|23 pages

Knowledge Bases, Modes of Innovation and Regional Innovation Policy

A Theoretical Re-Examination with Illustrations from the Nordic Countries
ByBjørn Asheim, Arne Isaksen, Jerker Moodysson, Markku Sotarauta

chapter 12|15 pages

Global Buzz at International Trade Fairs

A Relational Perspective
ByNina Schuldt, Harald Bathelt

part |15 pages

Concluding Remarks

chapter 13|13 pages

Beyond Territory

A Geographical Perspective on Knowledge Creation and Innovation
ByDieter Franz Kogler, Harald Bathelt, Maryann P. Feldman