Global Social Justice provides a distinctive contribution to the growing debate about global justice and global ethics. It brings a multi-disciplinary voice – which spans philosophical, political and social disciplines – and emphasises the social element of global justice in both theory and practice.

Bringing together a number of internationally renowned scholars, the book explicitly addresses debates about the scope and hierarchies of justice and considers how different approaches and conceptions of justice inter relate. It explores a diversity of themes relating to global social justice including globalisation, human rights, ecological justice, gender and sexuality, migration and trafficking, global health challenges, post-conflict resolution and torture.

Global Social Justice will be vital reading for anyone interested in the political/philosophical theories and practical issues surrounding global social justice, including students and scholars of Political Science, International Relations, Philosophy, Global Ethics, Environmental Studies, Development Studies, Human Rights Law and Global Studies.

chapter |10 pages

Global social justice

An introduction

chapter |16 pages

Moral distance and global social justice

An archaeology of borders

chapter |12 pages


A touchstone for global social justice

chapter |10 pages

Gender and global social justice

Peacebuilding and the politics of participation

chapter |2 pages

Global social justice

A conclusion