Digital technologies have transformed cultural perceptions of learning and what it means to be literate, expanding the importance of experience alongside interpretation and reflection. Learning the Virtual Life offers ways to consider the local and global effects of digital media on educational environments, as well as the cultural transformations of how we now define learning and literacy.

While some have welcomed the educational challenges of digital culture and emphasized its possibilities for individual emancipation and social transformation in the new information age, others accuse digital culture of absorbing its recipients in an all-pervasive virtual world. Unlike most accounts of the educational and cultural consequences of digital culture, Learning the Virtual Life presents a neutral, advanced introduction to the key issues involved with the integration of digital culture and education. This edited collection presents international perspectives on a wide range of issues, and each chapter combines upper-level theory with "real-world" practice, making this essential reading for all those interested in digital media and education.

chapter |16 pages

New Epistemologies?

Rethinking Ways of Knowing in a Digital Culture
ByJennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell

chapter |12 pages

Update Your Status

Identity and Learning in Viral Youth Networks
ByMichael Hoechsmann

chapter |20 pages

Technoliteracy at the Sustainability Crossroads

Posing Ecopedagogical Problems for Digital Literacy Frameworks
ByRichard Kahn

chapter |16 pages

Learning Environment and Digital Literacy

A Mismatch or a Possibility from Finnish Teachers' and Students' Perspectives
ByLiisa Ilomäki, Peppi Taalas, Minna Lakkala

chapter |19 pages

What Haunts the Narcissus-Narcosis

Media Education and the Social Life of Digital Technologies
ByStuart R. Poyntz

chapter |16 pages

Wikilearning as Radical Equality

ByJuha Suoranta, Tere Vadén

chapter |16 pages

Learner Voice and Lived Culture in Digital Media Production by Younger Learners

Implications for Pedagogy and Future Research
ByJohn Potter

chapter |17 pages

Wikipedia is the New Public Literacy

A Case Study in the Field of Philosophy
ByJohn Willinsky

chapter |14 pages

The Future of Learning and the Virtual Life of Knowledge

ByRobert Luke, Peter Pericles Trifonas

chapter |17 pages

“Tomorrow We Go Bowling”

Covert Intimacy and Homosocial Play in the Grand Theft Auto IV Series
ByMarc Ouellette

chapter |20 pages

From Greek School to Greek's Cool

Using Weblogs in a Greek Heritage Language Program
ByThemistoklis Aravossitas

chapter |8 pages

The Digital Game as a Learning Space

ByPeter Pericles Trifonas