Unprecedented in its scope, Cross-Cultural Urban Design: Global or Local Practice? explores how urban design has responded to recent trends towards global standardisation. Following analysis of its practice in the local domain, the book looks at how urban planning and design should be repositioned for the future. It looks at:population movement urb

chapter Introduction|13 pages

Cross-cultural practice – why experiment now?

ByCatherin Bull, Claire Parin

part 1|62 pages

Reconceptualizing the city

chapter Introduction|9 pages

New ways to read difference

ByClaire Parin

chapter Chapter 4|7 pages

Dissolved identity and disintegrated globalization

BySteven Whitford

chapter Chapter 5|3 pages

The communal project and the reinforcement of values

ByEmmanuel Amougou Mballa

chapter Chapter 7|8 pages

The urban edge Bangkok soi as mediators of the global and local

ByKoen De Wandeler

chapter Chapter 8|6 pages

Eco-planning for development in northern Thailand

ByThada Sutthitham

chapter Chapter 9|5 pages

Local identity in Bangkok's business districts

ByOrnsiri Panin

part 2|52 pages

Experiments in practice

chapter Introduction|11 pages

The dynamics of the urban design project

ByGuy Tapie, Darko Radović

chapter Chapter 10|5 pages

Transparency in sustainable development

ByNhong Han Basin, Thailand Eggarin Anukulyudhathon

chapter Chapter 11|5 pages

Restructuring the medina in Tunis

ByEl Hafsia, Wassim Ben Mahmoud

chapter Chapter 12|4 pages

Garden urbanism in China and New Zealand

ByMatthew Bradbury

chapter Chapter 13|5 pages

Revitalizing the Montenegrin village Gornja Lastva

ByLaurence Feveile, Marija Nikolic, Nicolas Petrovitch Njegosh

chapter Chapter 14|4 pages

Strategies to support urban identity Are there European models?

ByCarlos Gotlieb

chapter Chapter 15|3 pages

Mediating global and local The Montreal experience

ByDaniel Latouche

chapter Chapter 16|4 pages

New practices in urban development

ByJean-Claude Margueritte

chapter Chapter 17|5 pages

Sustainable tourism for local identity The hill-tribe villages of northern Thailand

ByWandee Pinijvarasin, Pasinee Sunakorn

chapter Chapter 18|4 pages

Making the city The Bordeaux experience

ByMichel Bergeron, Patrice Godier

part 3|80 pages

Learning cross-cultural practice

chapter Introduction|6 pages

Reflecting on cross-cultural interactions

ByCatherin Bull, Davisi Boontharm

chapter Chapter 19|15 pages

Casts, roles and scripts of otherness

ByDarko Radović

chapter Chapter 20|13 pages

Analysis, concept and the value of words

ByDavisi Boontharm

chapter Chapter 21|5 pages

Work and/or play?

ByPiyalada D. Thaveeprungsriporn

chapter Chapter 22|6 pages

Why use English?

BySingh Intrachooto

chapter Chapter 23|13 pages

Sustainability learnt from difference

ByGlenn Thomas

chapter Chapter 24|17 pages

Experiencing cross-cultural practice

ByCatherin Bull

chapter Chapter 25|4 pages

Workshops as culture

ByGuy Tapie

chapter Conclusion|26 pages

Urban design for a cross-cultural future

ByCatherin Bull, Darko Radović, Claire Parin