Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling explores the most difficult issues that people in the helping professions face when treating couples and provides concrete solutions for addressing them effectively. Using the revolutionary choice theory and reality therapy approaches to couples counseling, the book shows clinicians how to combine a relationship-based approach with the pragmatism of cognitive-behavior therapies. Both experienced and beginning clinicians will find Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling ideal for helping clients focus on the here and now, not the past, and for creating treatment plans that meet clients' individual needs while also addressing the needs of their partners.

part I|30 pages

Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

chapter 1|17 pages

Introduction to Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

ByRobert E. Wubbolding, Patricia A. Robey

chapter 2|10 pages

An Interview with William and Carleen Glasser

ByPatricia A. Robey, Robert E. Wubbolding

part II|156 pages

Issues and Applications

chapter 3|14 pages

Multicultural Couples

Seeing the World Through Different Lenses
ByKim Olver

chapter 4|12 pages

Relationship Recovery After Infidelity

ByPatricia A. Robey, Maureen Craig McIntosh

chapter 5|19 pages

Recovering From Substance Misuse

ByThomas K. Burdenski

chapter 6|13 pages

Counseling Military Couples

ByJanet Fain Morgan

chapter 7|10 pages

Resolving Differences, Disagreements, and Discord

ByNancy S. Buck

chapter 9|12 pages

When Childhood Trauma Haunts the Couple Relationship

ByGloria Smith Cissé, Terri Earl-Kulkosky, Jeri L. Crowell

chapter 10|13 pages

Counseling Interfaith Couples

ByNeresa B. Minatrea, Jill D. Duba

chapter 11|14 pages

The Struggle for Identity as a Gay Couple

ByVanessa L. White, Patricia A. Robey

chapter 12|16 pages

The Celebrity Challenge

Counseling High-Profile Clients
ByBrandi Roth

chapter 13|14 pages

Couples Counseling and Illness

The Real Deal
ByTammy F. Shaffer

part III|35 pages

Proactive Approaches to Good Couple Relationships

chapter 14|10 pages

What Will it be Like Being Married to Me?

ByMark J. Britzman, Sela E. Nagelhout

chapter 15|12 pages

A Contextual Approach to Relationship Assessment

ByJeri L. Crowell, Jerry A. Mobley

chapter 16|11 pages

Using Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in Premarital Counseling

BySylinda Gilchrist Banks

part |11 pages


chapter 17|9 pages

Commentary From the Editors

ByPatricia A. Robey, Robert E. Wubbolding, Jon Carlson