Social Banking describes a way of value-driven banking that has a positive social and ecological impact at its heart, as well as its own economic sustainability. Although it has a long and successful history, it has arguably never been more topical than it is now in the aftermath of the latest financial crisis. Most Social Banks came out of this crisis not only unscathed but much stronger and bigger than they were before. And contrary to their conventional peers, none of the Social Banks had to be bailed out with public funds. This increasingly attracts the interest not only of clients searching for safe and sensible ways to deposit their funds but also of conventional banks that begin to understand the potential of a more socially oriented approach towards banking.

Social Banks and the Future of Sustainable Finance is the first book to deliver a comprehensive and detailed overview about the past, present and possible future of Social and Sustainable Banking for researchers, students and a professional audience. The authors are experts from research and practice and have bee involved in Social Banking for many years. Thus they combine state-of-the-art expertise with valuable insider knowledge.

The book covers the following topics: the history of Social Banking, the need for Social Banking in the current economy, the particular issues of managing a Social Bank as business enterprise, Social Banking products and services, the special role of donations and foundations for financing change, the opportunities and challenges for Social Banks lying ahead, and concrete directions for the future of Social Banking. In addition to these respective analyses are many real-world examples and interviews with representatives of Social Banks. As such, this comprehensive collection delivers valuable insights for academics, students and professionals who are interested in the growing field of Social Banking.

chapter |14 pages

Social banking

ByOlaf Weber, Sven Remer

chapter |33 pages

Social banking

A brief history
ByRiccardo Milano

chapter |23 pages

Why do we need social banking?

ByLeonardo Becchetti

chapter |25 pages

Inside social banks

ByChristina von Passavant

chapter |27 pages

Products and services

ByOlaf Weber

chapter |13 pages

Financing change through giving and donations

An integral part of social banking
ByAntje Toennis

chapter |60 pages

Social banking at the crossroads

BySven Remer

chapter |16 pages

The future of social banking

ByOlaf Weber