Play-Based Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders explores the most recognized, researched, and practical methods for using play therapy with the increasing number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), and shows clincians how to integrate these methods into their practices. Using a diverse array of play-based approaches, the book brings together the voices of researchers and practicing clinicians who are successfully utilizing play and play-based interventions with children and adolescents on the autism spectrum. It also examines the neurobiological underpinnings of play in children on the autism spectrum and the overall effect of play on neuro-typical and neuro-atypical development. Finally, through careful integration of theory with real-world clinical case application, each chapter also shows clinicians how to incorporate a particular treatment approach and make it a viable and effective part of their work with this challenging clinical population.

part I|35 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

Safety and Connection

The Neurobiology of Play
ByBonnie Badenoch, Nicole Bogdan

chapter 2|17 pages

Playing on the Autism Spectrum

ByLawrence C. Rubin

part II|191 pages

Individualized Play-Based Interventions

chapter 3|34 pages

Helping Children With ASD Through Canine-Assisted Play Therapy

ByRisë VanFleet, Cosmin Colţea

chapter 4|24 pages

Family Theraplay

Connecting With Children on the Autism Spectrum
BySusan Bundy-Myrow

chapter 5|18 pages

From Monologue to Dialogue

The Use of Play and Drama Therapy for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
ByLoretta Gallo-Lopez

chapter 6|22 pages

LEGO-Based Play Therapy for Improving Social Competence in Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders

ByDaniel B. LeGoff, G. W. Krauss, Sarah Levin Allen

chapter 7|21 pages

Touching Autism Through Developmental Play Therapy

ByJanet A. Courtney

chapter 8|17 pages

Relational Intervention

Child-Centered Play Therapy With Children on the Autism Spectrum
ByDee C. Ray, Jeffrey M. Sullivan, Sarah E. Carlson

chapter 9|16 pages

The Narcissus Myth, Resplendent Reflections, and Self-Healing

A Jungian Perspective on Counseling a Child With Asperger's Syndrome
ByEric J. Green

chapter 10|16 pages

Communication and Connection

Filial Therapy With Families of Children With ASD
ByRisë VanFleet

chapter 11|19 pages

The World of the Sand Tray and the Child on the Autism Spectrum

ByJane Ferris Richardson

part III|63 pages

Programmatic Play-Based Intervention

chapter 12|18 pages

DIR Floortime

A Developmental/Relational Play Therapy Approach for Treating Children Impacted by Autism
ByEsther Hess

chapter 13|21 pages

The PLAY Project

A Train-the-Trainer Model of Early Intervention for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
ByRichard Solomon

chapter 14|21 pages

The ACT Project

Enhancing Social Competence Through Drama Therapy and Performance
ByLisa Powers Tricomi, Loretta Gallo-Lopez

part IV|59 pages

Expressive/Creative Interventions

chapter 15|21 pages

Art Therapy

Connecting and Communicating
ByCathy Goucher

chapter 17|19 pages

Moving Into Relationships

Dance/Movement Therapy With Children With Autism
ByChristina Devereaux