Social Class and Education: Global Perspectives is the first empirically grounded volume to explore the intersections of class, social structure, opportunity, and education on a truly global scale. Fifteen essays from contributors representing the US, Europe, China, Latin America and other regions offer an unparralleled examination of how social class differences are made and experienced through schooling. By underscoring the consequences of our new global reality, this volume takes seriously the transnational migration of commerce, capital and peoples and the ramifications of such for education and social structure. Moving beyond national confines, internationally recognized scholars, Lois Weis and Nadine Dolby, offer a set of emblematic essays that break new theoretical and empirical ground on the ways class is produced and maintained through education around the world.

chapter |12 pages


Social Class and Education in Globalizing Context
ByLois Weis, Nadine Dolby

chapter |58 pages

Postsecondary Access, Equity, and Educational Opportunity in the Global Economy

ByLois Weis, Nadine Dolby

chapter |22 pages

Expanded Opportunities for All in Global Higher Education Systems 1

ByRichard Arum, Adam Gamoran, Yossi Shavit

chapter |14 pages

The Changing Educational Opportunity Structure in China

Positioning for Access to Higher Education
ByYan Zhao Ciupak, Amy E. Stich

chapter |20 pages

Race, Class, and Bachelor's Degree Completion in American Higher Education

Examining the Role of Life Course Transitions
ByJosipa Roksa

chapter |68 pages

Cultural Politics, Transnational Movement, and the Role of Class

ByLois Weis, Nadine Dolby

chapter |18 pages

Class Wreckage and Class Repositioning

Narratives of Japanese-Educated Taiwanese
ByShumin Lin

chapter |17 pages

Transnational Latin American Families in the United States

Parenting and Schooling in the “Neither Here Nor There”
ByCatalina Crespo-Sancho

chapter |15 pages

African Migrant Youth, Schooling, and Social Class in Cape Town

ByCaroline Foubister, Azeem Badroodien

chapter |74 pages

Class and the Changing Global Educational Context

ByLois Weis, Nadine Dolby

chapter |18 pages

Global Scapes of Abjection

The Contemporary Dynamics of Some Intersecting Injustices 1
ByJane Kenway, Anna Hickey-Moody

chapter |18 pages

“Being Middle Class is not Enough”

Social Class, Education, and School Choice in Spain
ByAntonio Olmedo, Luis Eduardo Santa Cruz

chapter |21 pages

Educating Supranational Citizens

The Incorporation of English Language Education into Curriculum Policies 1
ByYun-Kyung Cha, Seung-Hwan Ham

chapter |15 pages

Cultural Politics in the “New” India

Social Class, Neoliberal Globalization, and the Education Paradox
ByRuchira Ganguly-Scrase, Timothy J. Scrase