Asia has undergone rapid economic transformation over the past two decades. Despite its constant economic growth, the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis and the resulting surge in unemployment highlighted the vulnerability of national systems that base development solely on economic growth.

This book fills a major research gap by exploring the nature, dynamics and functioning of Asian labour markets in eight major Asian economies, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, India and Malaysia. It examines the type of labour markets that exist in Asia; how they have responded to globalisation; and how flexible they are to changing social and economic conditions. The book analyses how the current transformation has impacted on the key parties, such as employers, employees, trade unions, governments, organisations and society as a whole, and considers the likely future trends and developments in Asian labour markets.

chapter |10 pages

Labour markets in Asia

Globalization and transition
ByJohn Benson, Ying Zhu

chapter |22 pages

Labour markets in theory and practice

Perspectives from Western industrial countries
ByHoward Gospel

chapter |28 pages

Labour markets in Japan

Change and continuity
ByJohn Benson

chapter |22 pages

Labour markets in South Korea

Transitions towards flexibilities?
ByChris Rowley, Kil-Sang Yoo, Dong-Heon Kim

chapter |24 pages

Labour markets in Singapore

Flexibility in adversity
ByChris Leggett

chapter |27 pages

Labour markets in Hong Kong

Changes and advances after the 1997 reunification with China
BySek Hong Ng, Olivia Ip

chapter |14 pages

Labour markets in China

Coming to terms with globalization
ByMalcolm Warner

chapter |17 pages

Labour markets in Vietnam

Developments under the economic reform and globalization
ByYing Zhu

chapter |26 pages

Labour markets in India

Informality and Inequality
ByDebashish Bhattacherjee, Errol D’Souza

chapter |33 pages

Labour markets in Malaysia

Evolution to a knowledge-based economy?
ByNagiah Ramasamy, Chris Rowley

chapter |19 pages

Labour markets in Asia

A comparative analysis
ByYing Zhu, John Benson