Many colleges and universities have not engaged in the critical self-examination of their campuses necessary for effectively serving racially diverse student populations. This timely edited collection provides insights into how campus cultures can and do shape the experiences and outcomes of their increasingly diverse college student populations. By cultivating values, beliefs, and assumptions that focus on including, validating, and creating equitable outcomes among diverse undergraduate students, an institution can foster their success.While attention to campus climate is critical for gauging the nature of an institution’s culture and how students are experiencing the campus environment, changes in climate alone will not lead to holistic and deep rooted institutional transformation. Moving beyond previous explorations of campus racial climates, Creating Campus Cultures addresses the considerable institutionally embedded obstacles practitioners face as they attempt to transform entrenched institutional cultures to meet the needs of diverse student bodies. A broad range of chapters include voices of students, new research, practical experiences, and application of frameworks that are conducive to success. This book will help student affairs and higher education administrators navigate this increasingly difficult terrain by providing practical advice on how to foster success among racial minority students and enact long-term, holistic change at any institution.

chapter 2|18 pages

The Campus Racial Culture: A Critical Race Counterstory

BySamuel D. Museus, Joanna N. Ravello, Blanca E. Vega

chapter 3|22 pages

Creating a Culture of Inquiry around Equity and Student Success

ByKeith A. Witham, Estela Mara Bensimon

chapter 4|20 pages

Moving from Cultures of Individualism to Cultures of Collectivism in Support of Students of Color

ByDouglas A. Guiffrida, Judy Marquez Kiyama, Stephanie J. Waterman, Samuel D. Museus

chapter 5|18 pages

Fostering Cultures of Inclusion in the Classroom: From Marginality to Mattering

ByStephen John Quaye, Stephanie H. Chang

chapter 6|24 pages

Cultural Integration in Campus Subcultures: Where the Cultural, Academic, and Social Spheres of College Life Collide

BySamuel D. Museus, Sơn Ca Lâm, ChuYu Huang, Pratna Kem, and Kevin Tan