This volume contains contributions from leaders in the field of child language in honor of one of the preeminent scholars in the field of child language acquisition, Melissa Bowerman. Melissa Bowerman has had a profound, widespread, and enduring influence on research conducted in the field for nearly 40 years.

In addition to being a tribute to Professor Bowerman and her work, the chapters provide the most up-to-date statement of key positions by several leaders in the field of child language development. Fundamental questions in the field are explored in depth, and there are rich analyses of progress in the field in a number of areas, including learning words; crosslinguistic patterning and acquisition of lexical semantics; crosslinguistic patterning and events, paths, and causes; and influences on development.

The volume is essential reading for researchers in child language and development, linguistics, psychology, education, and speech pathology, as well as researchers and practitioners specializing in the many specific languages discussed in the book.

part |4 pages

Part I Learning Words

chapter 1|34 pages

Early Acquisition of Nouns and Verbs: Evidence from Navajo

ByDedre Gentner, Lera Boroditsky

chapter 2|22 pages

Old Data—New Eyes: Theories of Word Meaning Acquisition

ByEsther Dromi

part |8 pages

Part II Crosslinquistic Patterning and Acquisition of Lexical Semantics

part |8 pages

Part III Crosslinguistic Patterning and Events, Paths, and Causes