Identifying and critically discussing the key terms, techniques, methodologies and habits that comprise our understanding of fieldwork in architectural education, research and practice, this book collates contributions by established and emerging international scholars. It will be of interest to critical practitioners, researchers, scholars and students of architecture.

A selection of critical historiographies, theoretical strategies and reflective design practices challenge us to think seriously about our knowledge, experience and application of fieldwork in architecture.

chapter |6 pages


BySuzanne Ewing

chapter |4 pages

Field/work practice

chapter |13 pages

The erotics of fieldwork in Learning from Las Vegas

ByMichael J. Ostwald, Michael Chapman

chapter |8 pages

Inside the cave, outside the discipline

ByCatharina Gabrielsson

chapter |5 pages

Field note 1: on inhabiting ‘thickness’

ByAndrea Kahn

chapter |4 pages

Field/work and site

chapter |11 pages

Vietnamese field/work: the case of Hanoi’s water urbanism

ByKelly Shannon

chapter |9 pages

Open field: Documentary game

ByRenata Tyszczuk

chapter |9 pages

The critical where of the field: a reflection on fieldwork as a situated process of creative research

ByElla Chmielewska and Sebastian Schmidt- Tomczak

chapter |5 pages

Field note 2: A voyage into oral field/work

ByAlan Dein

chapter |4 pages

Field/work techniques

chapter |10 pages

Drawing sites : : Site drawings

ByPaul Emmons

chapter |9 pages

Field diaries

ByPrue Chiles, Carolyn Butterworth

chapter |9 pages

Editing the field: video tales from globalised cityscapes

ByKrystallia Kamvasinou

chapter |9 pages


ByIgor Marjanovic‘ and Lindsey Stouffer

chapter |3 pages

Field note 3: ‘Refuge’ – moving between research and practice

ByPhilipp Misselwitz, Can Altay

chapter |6 pages

Afterword: Working (through) the field : /

ByJane Rendell