There is no shortage of literature about working with men in counseling and psychotherapy, but almost none of it addresses the unique issues that a female clinician can face with a male client. These women do not have a basis for a complete understanding of the impact our society’s ideas about gender can have on a man, his masculinity, and his feelings toward talk therapy, in part because they are not men themselves. The contributors to this book, all female clinicians who have worked extensively with men, have set out to provide their female peers with a guide for therapeutically engaging and helping men. Chapters explore how each author became involved in men’s issues, case studies and examples from her own practice that illustrate her approach, and her own assessment of what works best with male clients. Topics considered include core treatment issues, such as transference and counter-transference, beginning and ending therapy with men, and ethical dilemmas; working in different therapy modalities; and doing therapy with diverse populations of men. The book concludes with an edited transcript of a discussion amongst the authors about their personal experiences working with male clients. This will be an important book for all female therapists who work with male clients and are looking for ways to better understand and tailor their approaches to meet the needs of men in therapy.

part |87 pages

Core Treatment Issues

part |57 pages

Different Modalities of Treatment

chapter |21 pages

Practicing Gender-Aware Therapy

A New Clinician's Perspective

chapter |21 pages

Coaching Men

part |120 pages

Working With Different Populations of Ment

chapter |22 pages

Working With Men in the Minority

Multiple Identities, Multiple Selves

chapter |25 pages

Counseling Depressed Men

Making Darkness Visible

chapter |20 pages

Understanding Men's Issues

Assessing and Treating Men Who Are Abusive

chapter |17 pages

Working With Traditional Men in the Military

Dealing With Trauma

part |14 pages

Sharing Our Experiences