This volume seeks to critically examine the nexus between globalization and diversity as it affects the preparation of professional educators on several continents, taking into account the extensive changes in economic, sociopolitical, and cultural dynamics within nations and regions that have occurred in the last decade.

chapter |26 pages

Universities and Global Diversity

Preparing Educators for Tomorrow
ByBeverly Lindsay, Wanda J. Blanchett

part |76 pages

Geopolitical and Regional Matters in Higher Education

chapter |15 pages

The University in Turbulent Times

A Comparative Study of the United States and Russia
ByNelly P. Stromquist, Anna Smolentseva

chapter |25 pages

Beyond Globalization

Possibilities and Challenges in Korea and China
ByKiwan Sung

chapter |18 pages

Globalization and Higher Education in the Middle East *

ByIssam E. Khoury, Beverly Lindsay

chapter |16 pages

Shifting Tides in Jamaican Higher Education

ByBeverly Lindsay

part |73 pages

Unique Colleges and Universities and Global Influences

chapter |22 pages

Historically Black Colleges and Universities in New Orleans

Domestic and Global Engagement in the Post-Katrina Era
ByBeverly Lindsay, Tara Scales Williams

chapter |15 pages

Native American Tribal Colleges and Universities

Utilizing Indigenous Knowledges and Ways of Knowing to Prepare Native Peoples to Meet the Demands of an Increasingly Globalized Community
ByJohn Tippeconnic, Susan Faircloth

chapter |15 pages

Urban Support Networks

Commuter Urban Public Universities in Global Times
ByJorgelina Abbate-Vaughn, Donna DeGennaro

chapter |19 pages

Australian Universities and the Challenges of Internationalization

ByAnne Hickling-Hudson, Ravinder Sidhu

part |68 pages

University Students and Colleges and Schools of Education

chapter |13 pages

An International Survey of Higher Education Students' Perceptions of World-Mindedness and Global Citizenship 1

ByLuanna H. Meyer, Christine E. Sleeter, Ken Zeichner, Hyun-Sook Park, Garry Hoban, Peter Sorensen

chapter |20 pages

Engaged Research/ers, Transformative Curriculum, and Diversity Policy for Teacher Education in the Americas

The United States, Brazil, and Belize
ByJoyce King, Melissa Speight Vaughn, Petronilha Beatriz Gonçalves e Silva, Regina Conceição, Tatiane Cosentino Rodrigues, Evaldo Ribeiro Oliveira

chapter |18 pages

Teaching and Administrative Development in Southern Africa

Illustrations from Mozambique and Angola
ByMouzinho Mario, Beverly Lindsay

part |15 pages

Global Environments and Diversity

chapter |13 pages

Universities and Global Diversity

Movement toward Tomorrow
ByWanda J. Blanchett, Beverly Lindsay