The Handbook of Local and Regional Development provides a comprehensive statement and reference point for local and regional development. The scope of this Handbook’s coverage and contributions engages with and reflects upon the politics and policy of how we think about and practise local and regional development, encouraging dialogue across the disciplinary barriers between notions of ‘local and regional development’ in the Global North and ‘development studies’ in the Global South.

This Handbook is organized into seven inter-related sections, with an introductory chapter setting out the rationale, aims and structure of the Handbook. Section one situates local and regional development in its global context. Section two establishes the key issues in understanding the principles and values that help us define what is meant by local and regional development. Section three critically reviews the current diversity and variety of conceptual and theoretical approaches to local and regional development. Section four address questions of government and governance. Section five connects critically with the array of contemporary approaches to local and regional development policy. Section six is an explicitly global review of perspectives on local and regional development from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. Section seven provides reflection and discussion of the futures for local and regional development in an international and multidisciplinary context.

With over forty contributions from leading international scholars in the field, this Handbook provides critical reviews and appraisals of current state-of-the-art conceptual and theoretical approaches and future developments in local and regional development.

chapter |14 pages


A handbook of local and regional development

section |41 pages

Local and regional development in a global context

section |49 pages

Defining the principles and values of local and regional development

chapter |15 pages

Regional disparities and equalities

Towards a capabilities perspective?

chapter |13 pages

Inclusive growth

Meaningful goal or mirage?

chapter |10 pages

The Green State

Sustainability and the power of purchase

section |130 pages

Concepts and theories of local and regional development

chapter |11 pages

Local and regional development

A global production network approach

chapter |11 pages

Migration and commuting

Local and regional development links

chapter |11 pages

Forging post-development partnerships

Possibilities for local and regional development

section |93 pages

Government and governance

chapter |10 pages

The state

Government and governance

chapter |10 pages

Putting ‘the political' back into the region

Power, agency and a reconstituted regional political economy

chapter |13 pages


Conceptualizing spatial economic governance

section |151 pages

Local and regional development policy

chapter |12 pages

Territorial competitiveness and local and regional economic development

A classic tale of ‘theory led by policy'

section |65 pages

Global perspectives