This text is the best single repository for a comprehensive examination of the scientific research and practical issues associated with adverse impact. Adverse impact occurs when there is a significant difference in organizational outcomes to the disadvantage of one or more groups defined on the basis of demographic characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, etc.

This book shows, based on scientific research, how to design selection systems that minimize subgroup differences. The primary object of this volume in the SIOP series is to bring together renowned experts in this field to present their viewpoints and perspectives on what underlies adverse impact, where we are in terms of assessing it and what we may have learned (or not learned) about minimizing it.

part Section II|84 pages

Theoretical Perspectives

part Section III|63 pages

Adverse Impact and Traditional Selection Theory

part Section IV|148 pages

Facets of the Adverse Impact Problem

part Section V|53 pages

Adverse Impact From an International Perspective

part Section VI|23 pages

Methods of Reducing Adverse Impact

chapter 19|4 pages