Paediatric Biomechanics and Motor Control brings together the very latest developmental research using biomechanical measurement and analysis techniques and is the first book to focus on biomechanical aspects of child development. The book is divided into four main sections – the biological changes in children; developmental changes in muscular force production; developmental changes in the biomechanics of postural control and fundamental motor skills and finally the applications of research into paediatric biomechanics and motor control in selected clinical populations.

Written by a team of leading experts in paediatric exercise science, biomechanics and motor control from the UK, the US, Australia and Europe, the book is designed to highlight the key implications of this work for scientists, educators and clinicians. Each chapter is preceded by a short overview of the relevant theoretical concepts and concludes with a summary of the practical and clinical applications in relation to the existing literature on the topic. This book is important reading for any sport or exercise scientist, health scientist, physical therapist, sports coach or clinician with an interest in child development or health.

part |69 pages

Biological Changes During Motor Development

chapter |24 pages

Growth and Maturation During Childhood

ByCraig A. Williams, Louise Wood, Mark De Ste Croix

chapter |20 pages

Development of Neuromuscular Coordination with Implications in Motor Control

ByEleftherios Kellis, Vassilia Hatzitaki

part |65 pages

Motor Development and Force Production

chapter |23 pages

Development of Strength During Childhood

ByLouise Wood, Mark De Ste Croix

chapter |23 pages

Development of Musculoskeletal Stiffness

ByAnthony Blazevich, Charlie Waugh, Thomas Korff

chapter |17 pages

Paediatric Biomechanical Modelling Techniques

ByThomas Korff, Florian Fath

part |69 pages

Biomechanical Aspects of the Development of Postural Control and Selected Fundamental Motor Skills

chapter |21 pages

Biomechanical Aspects of the Development of Postural Control

ByJody Jensen, Renate van Zandwijk

chapter |20 pages

Biomechanical Aspects of the Development of Walking

ByBeverly Ulrich, Masayoshi Kubo

chapter |26 pages

Biomechanical Aspects of the Development of Object Projection Skills

ByStephen Langendorfer, Mary Ann Roberton, David Stodden

part |100 pages

Selected clinical applications

chapter |24 pages

The Biomechanical Basis of Injury During Childhood

ByCaroline F. Finch, Dara Twomey

chapter |26 pages

Dynamic Knee Stability During Childhood

ByMark De Ste Croix, Martine Deighan

chapter |24 pages

Developmental Coordination Disorder

Biomechanical and Neuromuscular Considerations
ByJill Whitall, Jane Clark