Sport psychologists working with athletes, teams and sports performers are only as effective as their professional techniques and competencies will allow. This is the first book to offer a detailed and critical appraisal of the conceptual foundations of contemporary professional practice in sport psychology. The book presents a series of reviews of the most up-to-date academic and professional literature on professional practice, exploring issues that all psychologists face when working with clients in sport and offers important evidence-based recommendations for best practice. Key topics covered include:

  • models of practice and service delivery
  • counselling and clinical intervention
  • working with teams
  • working with young performers
  • providing life skills training
  • managing career transitions
  • working with special populations
  • enhancing coach-athlete relations.

With contributions from leading sport psychology consultants in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and continental Europe, this is a comprehensive and thought-provoking resource that bridges the gap between research and application. It is vital reading for all advanced students, researchers and professionals working in sport psychology.

chapter |4 pages


BySheldon Hanton, Stephen D. Mellalieu

chapter |23 pages

Models of Sport Psychology Practice and Delivery

A Review
ByMark W. Aoyagi, Artur Poczwardowski

chapter |19 pages

Working with Young Athletes

ByCamilla J. Knight, Nicholas L. Holt

chapter |25 pages

Professional Practice Issues When Working with Team Sports

ByChris Harwood, Richard Anderson

chapter |21 pages

Working with Injured Athletes

Research and practice
ByRoss Wadey, Lynne Evans

chapter |28 pages

Professional practice issues in athlete burnout

ByKate Goodger, Göran Kenttä

chapter |25 pages

Working with athletes in career transitions

ByNatalia B. Stambulova

chapter |26 pages

Working With Coach–Athlete Relationships

Their Quality and Maintenance
ByDaniel J. A. Rhind, Sophia Jowett

chapter |20 pages

Developing Life Skills in Athletes

ByMartin I. Jones

chapter |25 pages

Reflective Practice

Key Issues for Applied Sport Psychologists
ByBrendan Cropley, Sheldon Hanton