Children and Exercise XXVII presents the latest scientific research into paediatric sport and exercise science and medicine, including contributions from a wide range of leading international experts and early career researchers. The book begins with chapters devoted to the five invited keynote lectures, followed by forty-two of the peer-reviewed presentations which are arranged into five thematic sections addressing:

  • exercise physiology
  • physical activity and health
  • exercise and medicine
  • testing and performance
  • young athlete and sports participation.

The forty-seven chapters offer a review of current topics and ongoing research in paediatric sport and exercise science and medicine. The book is therefore a key text for all researchers, lecturers, paediatricians, health professionals and students with an interest in the exercising child in health and disease.

part |3 pages

Part I: The Josef Rutenfranz Lecture

chapter 1|12 pages

From playground to podium: N. Armstrong

part |1 pages

Part III Exercise Physiology

chapter 7|5 pages

Fuel use submaximal exercise

ByA.D. Mahon, L.M Guth, MP. Rogowski, and KA. Craft

part |1 pages

Part IV: Physical Activity and Health

chapter 21|5 pages

The effect on pre-school physical activity and sedentary behaviour

ByMV0 'Dwyer, Z Knowles, S.J Fairclough, ND. Ridgers, L. Foweather, and G. Stratton

chapter 26|5 pages

Feasibility of physical education homework assignments in high-school

ByM Pantanowitz, R. Lidor, D. Nemet, A. Eliakim

part |1 pages

Part V Exercise and Medicine

chapter 27|7 pages

Longitudinal oral contraceptive use on bone parameters: A.J. McLardy, C.D. Rodgers, M.C. Erlandson, S.A. Kontulainen, R.A. Pierson, and A.D. G. Baxter-Jones

ByA.J McLardy, C.D. Rodgers, MC. Erlandson, S.A. Kontulainen, R.A. Pierson, and A.D. G. Baxter-Jones

chapter 28|5 pages

The timing of the proximal femur: A longitudinal hip structural analysis study JL. Lanovaz, and S.A. Kontulainen

ByA.D. G. Baxter-Jones, S.A. Jackowski, D.ML. Cooper,

chapter 35|5 pages

The intervention on lipid profile in obese adolescents

ByA.M MeManus, R.R. Melieeker, C. Yu, and P. T Cheung

part |1 pages

Part VI Testing and Performance

chapter 42|5 pages

Explosive leg old boys

ByA. Emeljanovas, R. Rutkauskaite, V Volbekiene, R. Gruodyte

part |1 pages

Part VII Young Athlete and Sports Participation

part |1 pages

Part VIII: Methodology in Longitudinal Research