The emotional highs and lows of competitive sport, whether experienced as a competitor, spectator or coach may be the essential ingredient that gives sport its universal and compelling appeal. Emotion is clearly a pervasive force within competitive sport, and this is reflected in the burgeoning interest over recent decades in athletes’ emotions and strategies for coping with these emotions. The interplay between emotion and coping is a critical factor in determining, through its influence on key psychological functions, an athlete’s potential success in competitive sport. This fully revised and updated edition of the classic text on coping and emotion in sport goes further than any other book in examining the central role that these two factors play in sports performance.

The book explores theory and measurement, current research, and contemporary issues and special populations respectively. Each chapter closely integrates cutting-edge research themes with discussion of practical and applied issues, with case studies and reflections from practitioners working in elite sport woven throughout the book. With contributions from leading international scholars and consultant psychologists, this book is vital reading for all students and professionals working in sport psychology.

chapter |32 pages

Coping Processes in Sport

ByHugh Richards

chapter |29 pages

Emotion in Sport

Antecedents and performance consequences
ByMarc Jones, Mark Uphill

chapter |17 pages

Coping With Trauma in Sport

ByMelissa Day

chapter |23 pages

Measurement Issues in Emotion and Emotion Regulation

ByAndrew Lane, Chris Beedie, Tracey Devonport

chapter |16 pages

Coping in Sport Through Social Support

ByTim Rees, Paul Freeman

chapter |25 pages

Social Influence on Emotion in Sport

ByMegan Babkes Stellino, Julie Partridge, Kristina Moore

chapter |24 pages

Key Movements in Directional Research in Competitive Anxiety

ByChristopher Wagstaff, Rich Neil, Stephen Mellalieu, Sheldon Hanton

chapter |27 pages

Enhancing Positive Emotion in Sport

ByPaul McCarthy

chapter |19 pages

Coping and Emotion in Disability Sport

ByJeffrey Martin

chapter |23 pages

The Consequences and Control of Emotions in Elite Athletes

ByMark Uphill, Marc Jones

chapter |25 pages

The Emotional Response to Athletic Injury

Re-injury anxiety
ByNatalie Walker, Joanne Thatcher

chapter |23 pages

Losing to Win

A clinical perspective on the experience of loss among elite athletes
ByCorinne Reid

chapter |18 pages

Elite Athletes' Experiences of Coping with Stress

ByRemco Polman

chapter |28 pages

Working as a Sport Psychologist at Two Olympic Games

A humanistic approach
ByPeter Clarke

chapter |26 pages

Learning to Cope in Extreme Environments

Solo endurance ocean sailing
ByNeil Watson

chapter |9 pages

Coping and Emotion in Sport

Future directions
ByJoanne Thatcher, Marc Jones, David Lavallee