The Urban Parks Programme, financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, has sparked a new enthusiasm for the regeneration of Britain's parks. This unique reference book gives a valuable overview of all the elements of public park design. It emphasizes our parks' diversity and richness, and offers practical guidance as to their renovation and future care. It is essential reading for all those involved in the design, upkeep and regeneration of public parks.

chapter |8 pages


The Regeneration of public Parks
ByJan Woudstra

chapter |12 pages

Parks and People

The Social Functions
ByHazel Conway

chapter |12 pages

Memory and Value

ByDavid Jacques

chapter |12 pages

Study Methods

ByMary Lockwood

chapter |14 pages

Buildings and Monuments

ByHazel Conway, David Lambert

chapter |18 pages

The Use of Iron

ByEdward Diestelkamp

chapter |12 pages


ByBrent Elliott

chapter |20 pages

Shrubbery Planting (1830–1900)

ByKim Legate

chapter |12 pages

Bedding Schemes

ByBrent Elliott

chapter |12 pages

Late 20th Century Bedding Practice

ByFrazer Chapman

chapter |16 pages

Lakes and Water Features

ByHilary Taylor

chapter |14 pages

Play and Sport

ByBrent Elliott, Ken Fieldhouse