This text focuses on cities as the dominant form of human settlement for the future, examining the transformation that is happening in urban connobations worldwide today. The last few decades have seen a rate of change and growth in cities that has never been seen before, resulting in giant metropoles with over twenty million inhabitants. This book tackles the causes of these changes, and looks at how the planning and design of cities can shape the urban future.

chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

The Form of the Future

chapter 2|14 pages

From Randstad to Deltametropolis

chapter 3|16 pages

Remaking Johannesburg

chapter 6|24 pages

The Voids of Berlin

chapter 7|15 pages

Mumbai: Millennial Identities

chapter 8|11 pages

Capitalism and the City

chapter 12|20 pages

Los Angeles: Cluster City

chapter 13|18 pages

Amsterdam: Beyond Inside and Out

chapter 14|16 pages

Local Navigation in Douala

chapter 16|14 pages

Hong Kong: The Experienced City

chapter 17|14 pages

Milan: Urban Footnotes

chapter 18|8 pages

The Image of Metropolis

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