GenX Religion is the first in-depth collection on this generation's religious experience. The contributors, mostly GenXers themselves, offer both a disciplined methodology and a valuable insider's sensitivity as they examine the differences between GenX religion and "traditional" religious avenues.

chapter |12 pages

Introduction: Understanding Generation X

Values, Politics, and Religious Commitments
ByDonald E. Miller, Arpi Misha Miller

part |40 pages

Spirituality Embodied

chapter |16 pages

Marked for Jesus

Sacred Tattooing among Evangelical GenXers
ByLori Jensen, Richard W. Flory, Donald E. Miller

chapter |23 pages

Spirituality Bites

Xers and the Gothic Cultlure
ByJulia Winden Fey

part |81 pages

GenX Multicultures

chapter |17 pages

An Urban Mosaic in Shangri-La

ByLaDawn Prieto

chapter |18 pages

Slipping into Darkness

Popular Culture and the Creation of a Latino Evangelical Youth Culture
ByArlene Sáchez Walsh

chapter |21 pages

Creating Campus Communities

Second-Generation Korean-American Ministries at UCLA
BySharon Kim

chapter |23 pages

The Traditional as Alternative

The GenX Appeal of the International Church of Christ
ByGregory C. Stanczak

part |94 pages

Community and Congregation

chapter |24 pages

When Two Worlds Collide

Generation X Culture and Conservative Evangelicalism
ByLori Jensen

chapter |22 pages

Saturday Night in Pasadena

Wholeness, Healing, and Holiness at Harvest Rock Church
ByDouglas Hayward

chapter |14 pages

Spirit Made Flesh

The Tangible Spirituality of “LL Prime Time”
ByKimberly Leaman Algallar, Richard W. Flory

chapter |12 pages

Friday Night Live

It's Not Your Parents' Shabbat
ByJ. Liora Gubkin

chapter |20 pages

Losing Life to Save It

An “Insider” Account of the Church of the Redeemer Community in South Central Los Angeles
ByTimothy Sato

part |19 pages

Conclusion: Toward a Theory of Generation X Religion