The Korean War is the most comprehensive and detailed bibliography compiled to date on the American involvement in "The Forgotten War." In this revised and expanded second edition, Keith D. McFarland’s clearly written annotations provide concise descriptions of more than 2,600 of the most important books, articles, and documents written in English on the conflict in Korea. Key topics include origins of the war; the political and military roles of North and South Korea, the United States, the Soviet Union, China, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, and other United Nations members; campaigns and battles; weapons and uniforms; and the military and diplomatic aspects of the war. Specific subjects are easy to find using the index organized by topic and author, making The Korean War a necessity for every academic or research library.

chapter II|12 pages

General Accounts of the War

chapter III|30 pages

Background to the War

chapter VI|13 pages

Raising and Training U.S. Armed Forces

chapter XIV|10 pages

The Truman–MacArthur Controversy 267XIV

chapter XIX|7 pages

Post-War Korea

chapter XXI|10 pages

The Media and the War

chapter XXII|7 pages


chapter XXIII|11 pages

Critiques, Analyses, Consquences and Legacies

chapter XXIV|8 pages

Web Based Sources