*Please note the 2015 paperback is a reprint of the original 2008 hardback*

In an increasingly urbanized world more and more people are turning to our forests and woodland for recreation and tourism. Planning and providing for this growing demand poses challenges that need to be addressed by managers and designers alike.

Based on a study of forest recreation from across Europe, the editors bring together the expertise of more than eighty leading professionals and academics to provide a clear and concise guide to best practice. Case studies and careful research give a detailed insight into the issues that forest recreation raises, from strategic planning to integration into the existing rural economy.

Essential reading for tourism planners, landscape designers and countryside managers delivering forest recreation and tourism.

chapter |11 pages


BySimon Bell, Jon Geir Petursson

chapter 1|21 pages

Forest recreation and nature tourism in Europe: context, history, and current situation

ByUlrike Pröbstl, Birgit Elands, Veronika Wirth

part |2 pages


chapter 2|29 pages

Evaluating the economic and social benefits of forest recreation and nature tourism

ByLiisa Tyrväinen, Matthias Buchecker, Barbara Degenhardt and Dijana Vuletic´

chapter 3|22 pages

Integrating forest recreation and nature tourism into the rural economy

ByMurray Simpson, Viliam Pichler, Suzanne Martin, Renze Brouwer

chapter 4|17 pages

Instruments for developing recreation and nature tourism in forests

ByKevin Collins, Renze Brouwer, Renata Giedych, Niels Strange

part |2 pages


chapter 5|29 pages

Monitoring of forest recreation demand

ByTuija Sievänen, Arne Arnberger, Jeoffrey Dehez, Frank Søndergaard Jensen

chapter 6|15 pages

Assessing and planning the supply of opportunities for forest recreation and nature tourism

ByHans Skov-Petersen, Martin Goossen

part |2 pages


chapter 7|26 pages

Strategic planning of forest recreation and nature tourism

BySimon Bell, Agata Cieszewska, José Castro

chapter 8|30 pages

The recreation planning process

ByRenate Bürger-Arndt, Simon Bell

chapter 9|23 pages

Site planning and design for recreation and nature tourism

ByRoger Worthington, Art McCormack, Barbara Mariotti