This distinctive Handbook covers the breadth of sports and media scholarship, one of the up-and-coming topics bridging media entertainment, sports management, and popular culture. Organized into historical, institutional, spectator, and critical studies perspectives, this volume brings together the work of many researchers into one quintessential volume, defining the full scope of the subject area. Editors Arthur Raney and Jennings Bryant have recruited contributors from around the world to identify and synthesize the research representing numerous facets of the sports-media relationship.
As a unique collection on a very timely topic, the volume offers chapters examining the development of sports media; production, coverage, and economics of sports media; sports media audiences; sports promotion; and race and gender issues in sports and media. Unique in its orientation and breadth, the Handbook of Sports and Media is destined to play a major role in the future development of this fast-growing area of study. It is a must-have work for scholars, researchers, and graduate students working in media entertainment, media psychology, mass media/mass communication, sports marketing and management, popular communication, popular culture, and cultural studies.

part |63 pages

The Development of Sports Media

part |273 pages

The Coverage and Business of Sports Media

chapter |14 pages

Sports Media: A Modern Institution

ByRobert V. Bellamy

chapter |31 pages

Sports Content on U.S. Television

ByDan Brown, Jennings Bryant

chapter |12 pages

The Coverage of Sports in Print Media

ByWayne Wanta

chapter |14 pages

The Coverage of Sports on Radio

ByJohn W. Owens

chapter |17 pages

Broadcast Television and the Game of Packaging Sports

ByDavid B. Sullivan

chapter |25 pages

The Coverage of Sports on Cable TV

ByChris Wood, Vince Benigni

chapter |15 pages

Sports Online: The Newest Player in Mediasport

ByMichael Real

chapter |21 pages

Sports Fiction: Critical and Empirical Perspectives

ByR.Glenn Cummins

chapter |12 pages

Alternative Media versus the Olympic Industry

ByHelen Jefferson Lenskyj

chapter |23 pages

Gender Warriors in Sport: Women and the Media

ByMargaret Carlisle Duncan

chapter |21 pages

Sports Economics and the Media

ByMichael Mondello

chapter |19 pages

Sports Sponsorship

ByLance Kinney

part |130 pages

Sports Media Audiences

chapter |18 pages

Why We Watch and Enjoy Mediated Sports

ByArthur A. Raney

chapter |13 pages

Sport, Violence, and the Media

ByBarrie Gunter

chapter |19 pages

Televised NFL Games, the Family, and Domestic Violence

ByWalter Gantz, Zheng Wang, Samuel D. Bradley

chapter |10 pages

Fantasy Sports: History, Game Types, and Research

ByRichard G. Lomax

chapter |24 pages

The New Online Arena: Sport, Marketing, and Media Converge in Cyberspace

ByJoseph E. Mahan, Stephen R. McDaniel

part |167 pages

Critical Perspectives on Sports Media: Cases and Issues

chapter |23 pages

Sport, the Media, and the Construction of Race

ByAndrew Grainger, Joshua I. Newnian, David L. Andrews

chapter |16 pages

Women, Team Sports, and the WNBA: Playing Like a Girl

ByDaniela Baroffio-Bota, Sarah Banet-Weiser

chapter |19 pages

Sporting Bodies

ByDavis W. Houck

chapter |19 pages

Sports Mascots and the Media

ByC. Richard King, Ellen Staurowsky, Laurel Davis-Delano, Lawrence Baca