Family-school partnerships are increasingly touted as a means of improving both student and school improvement. This recognition has led to an increase in policies and initiatives that offer the following benefits: improved communication between parents and educators; home and school goals that are mutually supportive and shared; better understanding of the complexities impinging on children’s development; and pooling of family and school resources to find and implement solutions to shared goals. This is the first comprehensive review of what is known about the effects of home-school partnerships on student and school achievement. It provides a brief history of home-school partnerships, presents evidence-based practices for working with families across developmental stages, and provides an agenda for future research and policy.

Key features include:

  • provides comprehensive, cross-disciplinary coverage of theoretical issues and research concerning family-school partnerships.
  • describes those aspects of school-family partnerships that have been adequately researched and promotes their implementation as evidence-based interventions.
  • charts cutting-edge research agendas & methods for exploring school-family partnerships.
  • charts the implications such research has for training, policy and practice especially regarding educational disparities.

This book is appropriate for researchers, instructors, and graduate students in the following areas: school counseling, school psychology, educational psychology, school leadership, special education, and school social work. It is also appropriate for the academic libraries serving these audiences.

part I|127 pages

The Backdrop

chapter 1|27 pages

Application of a Developmental/Ecological Model to Family-School Partnerships

ByJason T. Downer, Sonya S. Myers

chapter 2|31 pages

Motivation and Commitment to Family-School Partnerships

ByKathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey, Manya C. Whitaker, Christa L. Ice

chapter 3|19 pages

Elements of Healthy Family-School Relationships

ByBrandy L. Clarke, Susan M. Sheridan, Kathryn E. Woods

chapter 4|21 pages

Diversity in Families

Parental Socialization and Children's Development and Learning
ByLynn Okagaki, Gary Bingham

part II|213 pages

Partnerships Across Development

chapter 6|27 pages

The Home Learning Environment and Achievement During Childhood

ByEric Dearing, Sandra Tang

chapter 7|17 pages

Parent Involvement in Early Education

ByArthur J. Reynolds, Rebecca Shlafer

chapter 8|29 pages

Partnering to Foster Achievement in Reading and Mathematics

ByMarika Ginsburg-Block, Patricia H. Manz, Christine McWayne

chapter 9|24 pages

A School-Family Partnership

Addressing Multiple Risk Factors to Improve School Readiness and Prevent Conduct Problems in Young Children
ByCarolyn Webster-Stratton, M. Jamila Reid

chapter 10|18 pages

Family-Centered, School-Based Mental Health Strategies to Reduce Student Behavioral, Emotional, and Academic Risk

ByElizabeth Stormshak, Thomas Dishion, Corrina Falkenstein

chapter 11|20 pages

School-Family Partnerships to Promote Social and Emotional Learning

ByMichelle I. Albright, Roger P. Weissberg

chapter 12|21 pages

School Connectedness and Adolescent Well-Being

ByClea McNeely, Janis Whitlock, Heather Libbey

chapter 13|25 pages

Family-School Partnerships and Communication Interventions for Young Children with Disabilities

ByAnn P. Kaiser, Alacia Trent Stainbrook

chapter 14|30 pages

Creating School-Family Partnerships in Adolescence

Challenges and Opportunities
ByBrenda J. Lohman, Jennifer L. Matjasko

part III|159 pages

Driving the Research Agenda to Inform Policy and Practice

chapter 15|17 pages

Debunking the Myth of the Hard-to-Reach Parent

ByKaren L. Mapp, Soo Hong

chapter 17|27 pages

Mapping Family-School Relations in Comprehensive School Reform Models and Charter School Designs

A Call for a New Research Agenda
ByClaire Smrekar, Lora Cohen-Vogel, Jie-Eun Lee

chapter 18|13 pages

Future Directions in Family-School Partnerships

ByCindy Carlson

chapter 19|28 pages

Methodological Issues in Family-School Partnership Research

ByS. Natasha Beretvas, Timothy Z. Keith, Cindy Carlson

chapter 20|25 pages

From Periphery to Center

A New Vision and Strategy for Family, School, and Community Partnerships
ByHeather B. Weiss, Naomi C. Stephen

chapter 21|29 pages

Moving Forward in School-Family Partnerships in Promoting Student Competence

From Potential to Full Impact
ByPatrick H. Tolan, Samantha C. Woo