The Handbook of Election Coverage Around the World focuses on the news coverage of national elections in democracies around the globe. It brings together and compares election news coverage within a single framework, offering a systematic consideration of various factors. Considering the prominence and power of the press in the election process, this volume will offer unique breadth in its global consideration of the topic.

 The volume will appeal to scholars in political communication, political science, mass media and society, and others studying elections and media coverage around the world.


chapter 1|18 pages

A Framework for Comparing Election News Coverage Around the World

ByJesper Strömbäck, Lynda Lee Kaid

part I|123 pages

Election News Coverage in Countries with Majoritarian Elections

chapter 2|20 pages

Media Coverage of U.S. Elections: Persistence of Tradition

ByMira Sotirovic, Jack McLeod

chapter 3|17 pages

Trends in Television Network News Coverage of U.S. Elections 1

ByStephen J. Farnsworth, S. Robert Lichter

chapter 4|15 pages

Media Matter: Election Coverage in Canada 1

ByElisabeth Gidengil

chapter 5|17 pages

Election News Coverage in the U.K.

ByMargaret Scammell, Holli A. Semetko

chapter 6|19 pages

Free Journalism under Control: Election Coverage in France

ByEric Darras

chapter 8|18 pages

Elections in India: One Billion People and Democracy

ByLars Willnat, Annette Aw

part II|144 pages

Election News Coverage in Countries With Proportional Elections

chapter 9|15 pages

The Netherlands: Media Logic and Floating Voters?

ByClaes H. de Vreese

chapter 10|15 pages

Swedish Election News Coverage: Towards Increasing Mediatization

ByJesper Strömbäck

chapter 11|17 pages

Election Coverage in Spain: From Franco's Death to the Atocha Massacre

ByEsteban López-Escobar, Teresa Sádaba, Ricardo Zugasti

chapter 12|17 pages

Election News Coverage in Greece: Between Two Logics

ByNicolas Demertzis, George Pleios

chapter 13|17 pages

Campaigns in the Holy Land: The Content and Effects of Election News Coverage in Israel

ByTamir Shaefer, Gabriel Weimann, Yariv Tsfati

chapter 14|20 pages

Election News Coverage in Poland

ByBogusława Dobek-Ostrowska, Bartłomiej Łódzki

chapter 15|6 pages

Media Coverage of Election News in the Republic of Serbia

ByMisha Nedeljkovich

chapter 16|21 pages

Democratzation and Election News Coverage in Brazil

ByMauro P. Porto

chapter 17|14 pages

Media and Elections in South Africa: Finding a Foothold on the Democratic Path

ByAmanda Gouws, Arnold S. de Beer

part III|114 pages

Election News Coverage in Countries With Combined Systems

chapter 18|19 pages

Characteristics and Dynamics of Election News Coverage in Germany

ByFrank Esser, Katharina Hemmer

chapter 19|16 pages

News Coverage of Elections in the Long Transition of Italian Democracy

ByFranca Roncarolo

chapter 20|17 pages

News Coverage of National Elections in Hungary after 1990

ByJolán Róka

chapter 21|16 pages

Election News Coverage in Bulgaria

ByLilia Raycheva, Daniela V. Dimitrova

chapter 22|13 pages

Election Coverage in the Russian Federation

BySarah Oates

chapter 23|15 pages

Election Coverage in Mexico: Regulation Meets Crony Capitalism

ByChappell Lawson

chapter 24|16 pages

The Media Coverage of Election Campaigns and Its Effects in Japan

ByShinichi Saito, Toshio Takeshita

part IV|32 pages

Election News Coverage in a Comparative Perspective

chapter 25|18 pages

News Coverage of EU Parliamentary Elections

ByMichaela Maier, Jürgen Maier

chapter 26|12 pages

Election News Coverage Around the World: A Comparative Perspective

ByLynda Lee Kaid, Jesper Strömbäck