The time is right for this comprehensive, state-of-the-art Handbook that analyzes, integrates, and summarizes theoretical advances and research findings on adult development and learning - a rapidly growing field reflecting demographic shifts toward an aging population in Western societies. Featuring contributions from prominent scholars across diverse disciplinary fields (education, developmental psychology, public policy, gerontology, neurology, public health, sociology, family studies, and adult education), the volume is organized around six themes:

  • theoretical perspectives on adult development and learning
  • research methods in adult development
  • research on adult development
  • research on adult learning
  • aging and gerontological research
  • policy perspectives on aging.

The Handbook is an essential reference for researchers, faculty, graduate students and practitioners whose work pertains to adult and lifespan development and learning.

part |134 pages

Theoretical Perspectives on Adult Development and Learning

chapter |34 pages

Emerging Adulthood

Learning and Development During the First Stage of Adulthood

chapter |32 pages

Cognitive Development as the Dance of Adaptive Transformation

Neo-Piagetian Perspective on Adult Cognitive Development

part |46 pages

Research Methods in Adult Development

part |279 pages

Research on Adult Development

chapter |28 pages

Adjustment and Growth

Two Trajectories of Positive Personality Development across Adulthood

chapter |28 pages

The Close Relationships of Sexual Minorities

Partners, Friends, and Family

chapter |34 pages

Gender Strategies

Socialization, Allocation, and Strategic Selection Processes Shaping the Gendered Adult Life Course

part |232 pages

Research on Adult Learning

chapter |40 pages

Expertise and the Adult Learner

A Historical, Psychological, and Methodological Exploration

chapter |17 pages

Changes in Goal-Striving Across the Life Span

Do People Learn to Select More Self-Concordant Goals as They Age?

chapter |34 pages

Service-Learning, Civic and Community Participation

Contributions to Adult Development

part |68 pages

Aging and Gerontological Research

part |23 pages

Policy Perspectives on Aging