This volume is the first to bring together the fast-growing research on self-continuity from multiple perspectives within and beyond social psychology.

The book covers individual and collective aspects of self-continuity, while a final section explores the relationship between these two forms. Topics include environmental and cultural influences on self-continuity; the interplay of autobiographical memory and personal self-continuity; the psychological function of self-continuity; personal and collective self-continuity; and resistance to change. The volume is rounded off with commentaries on the central issues and themes that have been discussed.

The book provides a unique sourcebook for this important topic and will appeal not only to upper-level students and researchers in social psychology, but, in view of the multiple perspectives represented in the volume, it will also appeal to cognitive, developmental, and personality psychologists.

chapter 1|10 pages

Introduction and Overview

ByFabio Sani

part 1|30 pages

Cultural and Societal Dimensions of Self Continuity

chapter 2|14 pages

Self in Time: Emergence within a Community of Minds

ByKatherine Nelson

chapter 3|14 pages

Toward a Cultural Phenomenology of Personal Identity

ByRomin W. Tafarodi

part 2|44 pages

Self Continuity, Autobiographical Memory, and Identity

part 3|29 pages

Self Continuity Motives and Maintenance Strategies

chapter 7|14 pages

The Never-Ending Story: A Terror Management Perspective on the Psychological Function of Self Continuity

ByMark J. Landau, Jeff Greenberg, Sheldon Solomon

chapter 8|13 pages

Spanning Time: An Amoebic Self-Perspective

ByChristopher T. Burris, John K. Rempel

part 4|58 pages

The Continuity of Groups and Collective Selves

chapter 9|14 pages

Perceiving Continuity and Change in Groups

ByDavid L. Hamilton, John M. Levine, Joel A. Thurston

chapter 10|13 pages

The Intergenerational Self: Subjective Perspective and Family History

ByRobyn Fivush, Jennifer G. Bohanek, Marshall Duke

chapter 12|14 pages

Perceived Collective Continuity: Seeing Groups as Temporally Enduring Entities

ByFabio Sani, Mhairi Bowe, Marina Herrera

part 5|26 pages

Collective Self Continuity in a Time of Change

chapter 13|12 pages

Leaders as Agents of Continuity: Self Continuity and Resistance to Collective Change

ByDaan van Knippenberg, Barbara van Knippenberg, Andrea Bobbio

chapter 14|12 pages

Torn between Identities: Predictors of Adjustment to Identity Change

ByAarti Iyer, Jolanda Jetten, Dimitrios Tsivrikos

part 6|41 pages

The Interplay between Individual and Collective Self Continuity

chapter 17|13 pages

Nostalgia as Enabler of Self Continuity

ByConstantine Sedikides, Tim Wildschut, Lowell Gaertner, Clay Routledge, Jamie Arndt

part 7|26 pages


chapter 18|9 pages

“Know Thyself!” … But What, How, and Why?

ByPhilippe Rochat

chapter 19|14 pages

Commenting on Continuity: A View from Social Psychology

ByRussell Spears