Combining up-to-date research, innovative content and practical perspectives, this book is the benchmark by which all other strategic HRM reference works should be measured. Leading figures from around the globe survey the current state of the discipline, while also introducing and exploring new, cutting edge themes in order to offer a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the field.

Section introductions and integrative critiques pull together the separate themes to provide cross-comparisons between chapters to create a cohesive and well-structured volume. Unlike other texts in this area, The Routledge Companion to Strategic Human Resource Management incorporates contributions from leading management and business writers in areas adjacent to human resource management, including strategy, innovation and organizational learning. These add fresh and challenging insights into HRM themes from key mainstream business and management thinking. The field of strategic HRM is thus enriched and extended by this volume.

 Focusing on the interplay between theory and practice, this book is an essential resource for researchers and students studying human resource management and strategy.

part |13 pages


chapter |11 pages


ByJohn Storey, Dave Ulrich, Patrick M. Wright

part |53 pages

Analytical Frameworks

chapter |23 pages

Beyond HR

Extending the Paradigm Through a Talent Decision Science
ByJohn W. Boudreau, Peter M. Ramstad

chapter |12 pages

The Employment Relationship in Strategic HRM

ByPaul Edwards

chapter |16 pages

Critical Perspectives on Strategic HRM

ByMats Alvesson

part |54 pages

The External Environment of SHRM

chapter |19 pages

Foundations for Understanding the Legal Environment of HRM in a Global Context

ByMark V. Roehling, Richard A. Posthuma, Stacy Hickox

chapter |16 pages

New Organizational Structures and Forms

ByJohn Storey

chapter |17 pages

Changing Labour Markets and the Future of Work

ByDavid Coats

part |42 pages

The Strategic Role of HR

chapter |12 pages

The Knowledge Underpinning HR Strategy

ByJohn Storey

chapter |12 pages

The Pursuit of HR's Core Purpose

The Practical Doing of Strategic HRM
ByAnthony J. Rucci

chapter |16 pages

Managing Strategic Change

ByDavid A. Buchanan

part |39 pages

The HR Function

chapter |15 pages

HR Competencies that Make a Difference 1

ByWayne Brockbank, Dave Ulrich

chapter |22 pages

The Next Evolution of the HR Organization

ByDave Ulrich, Jon Younger, Wayne Brockbank

part |111 pages

Areas of Practice

chapter |15 pages

Recruitment and Selection

ByChristopher J. Collins, Rebecca R. Kehoe

chapter |21 pages


ByBarry Gerhart

chapter |17 pages

Strategic Performance Management

Issues and Trends
ByManuel London, Edward M. Mone

chapter |23 pages

Strategic Training and Development

ByRaymond A. Noe, Michael J. Tews

chapter |14 pages

Collaborative Teams

ByLynda Gratton, Tamara J. Erickson

chapter |17 pages

Employee Engagement

ByJohn Storey, Dave Ulrich, Theresa M. Welbourne, Patrick M. Wright

part |58 pages

The Capability-Building Perspective

chapter |24 pages

Leadership Development and Talent Management

ByDavid D. Hatch

chapter |12 pages

Human Resources, Organizational Resources, and Capabilities

ByPatrick M. Wright, Scott A. Snell

chapter |18 pages

Options for Human Capital Acquisition

ByMousumi Bhattacharya, Patrick M. Wright

part |57 pages

Changing Contexts

chapter |13 pages

The Changing Context for HR

ByTamara J. Erickson

chapter |20 pages

Research at the Intersection of Strategic Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship

ByJanice C. Molloy, Judith W. Tansky, Robert L. Heneman

chapter |22 pages

Identifying and Developing Global Leaders

BySchon Beechler, Dennis Baltzley

part |43 pages


chapter |12 pages

Managing Human Resources in India

ByPawan S. Budhwar

chapter |15 pages

HRM in China

ByFang Lee Cooke

chapter |14 pages

Managing Human Resources in Africa

Emergent Market Challenges
ByFrank M. Horwitz

part |42 pages

Performance Outcomes

chapter |9 pages

HRM, the Workforce, and the Creation of Economic Value

ByRichard W. Beatty

chapter |17 pages

Linking Human Resource Management and Customer Outcomes

ByDavid E. Bowen, S. Douglas Pugh