Giuseppe Pitrè, a nineteenth-century Sicilian physician, gathered an enormous wealth of folk and fairy tales as he traveled and treated the poor throughout Palermo. He also received tales from friends and scholars throughout the island of Sicily. A dedicated folklorist, whose significance ranks alongside the Brothers Grimm, he published a 25-volume collection of Sicilian folk tales, legends, songs, and customs between 1871 and 1914. Though first published in their original Sicilian dialect, these tales have never before been translated, collected, and published in English until now.

This historic two-volume set collects 300 and 100 variants of his most entertaining and most important folk and fairy tales, along with lively, vivid illustrations by Carmelo Lettere. In stark contrast to the more literary ambitions of the Grimms' tales, Pitré’s possess a charming, earthy quality that reflect the customs, beliefs, and superstitions of the common people more clearly than any other European folklore collection of the nineteenth century.

Edited, translated, and with a critical introduction by world-renowned folk and fairy tale experts Jack Zipes and Joseph Russo, this collection will firmly establish Pitrè’s importance as a folklorist.

chapter |20 pages

The Indomitable Giuseppe Pitrè

ByJack Zipes

chapter |12 pages

The Sicilian Folk Tales of Giuseppe Pitrè

ByJoseph Russo

part I|2 pages

Popular Fairy Tales

chapter 4|2 pages

Pretty Poor-Girl—Povira-bedda

chapter 6|6 pages

Catarina the Wise—Catarina la sapienti

chapter 8|6 pages

The Talking Belly—La panza chi parra

chapter 9|1 pages

The Three Cottages—Li tri casini

chapter 10|3 pages

Water and Salt—L’acqua e lu sali

chapter 12|5 pages

King Dead Horse—Lu Re Cavaddu-mortu

chapter 15|5 pages

The King of Spain—Lu Re di Spagna

chapter 17|8 pages


chapter 18|8 pages

The King of Love—Lu Re d’amuri

chapter 19|3 pages

The Slave—Lu scavu

chapter 22|4 pages

The Seven Robbers—Li setti latri

chapter 23|3 pages

The Thirteen Bandits—Li tridici sbannuti

chapter 24|2 pages

White Onion—Bianca cipudda

chapter 25|4 pages

The Silversmith—L’arginteri

chapter 30|2 pages

The Little Nun—La munachedda

chapter 32|5 pages

King Animmulu—Lu Re d’Anìmmulu

chapter 33|4 pages


chapter 37|3 pages


chapter 38|4 pages

The Magic Balls—Li palli magichi

chapter 39|4 pages

The Empress Rosina—Rusina ’Mperatrici

chapter 41|1 pages

The Little Lamb—La picuredda

chapter 43|4 pages


chapter 44|1 pages

The Little Magpie—La ciaulidda

chapter 45|1 pages

The Doe—La cerva

chapter 46|3 pages

The Humpback—La jimmuruta

chapter 50|4 pages

Give Me the Veil!—Dammi lu velu!

chapter 51|1 pages

The Little Monk—Lu munacheddu

chapter 53|3 pages

Virgil the Sorcerer—Lu magu Virgillu

chapter 54|2 pages

The Devil—Lu diavulu Zuppiddu

chapter 56|5 pages

The Serpent—Lu sirpenti

chapter 57|3 pages

Child Margarita—La ’nfanti Margarita

chapter 58|5 pages

Sun, Pearl, and Moon—Suli, Perna e Anna

chapter 60|6 pages


chapter 61|8 pages


chapter 62|2 pages

The Two Sisters—Li dui soru

chapter 63|3 pages

Mamma-draga the Ogress—La Mamma-dràa

chapter 65|2 pages

The Two Good Friends—Li dui cumpari

chapter 66|3 pages

The Blood Sausage—Lu sangunazzu

chapter 68|2 pages

The Ragamuffin—Lu tignusu

chapter 69|5 pages

The Fisherman—Lu piscaturi

chapter 70|4 pages


chapter 71|5 pages

The Cyclops—Lu ciclòpu

chapter 73|5 pages

White Flower—Ervabianca

chapter 75|6 pages

The Jewel-Studded Boot—La stivala

chapter 77|4 pages

The Great Narbuni—Lu gran Narbuni

chapter 78|2 pages

Old Man Truth—Lu zu Viritati

chapter 79|3 pages

The King of Naples—Lu Re di Napuli

chapter 80|5 pages

The Cistern—La jisterna

chapter 81|2 pages

The Magic Lantern—La lanterna magica

chapter 83|10 pages

The Rogue—Lu malacunnutta

chapter 85|4 pages

The Merchant—Lu mircanti

chapter 86|5 pages

The Unfortunate Princess—Sfurtuna

chapter 88|5 pages

Count Joseph Pear—Don Giuseppi Piru

chapter 89|2 pages

The Enchanted Dog—Lu cani ’nfatatu

chapter 91|2 pages

The Old Miser—Lu vecchiu avaru

chapter 93|2 pages

The Gluttonous Wife—La ghiuttuna

chapter 94|2 pages

The Seven Little Heads—Li setti tistuzzi

chapter 95|5 pages

The Symphonic Eagle—L’acula chi sona

chapter 96|3 pages

The Golden Eagle—L’acula d’oru

chapter 98|2 pages

The Pregnant Lieutenant—Lu tinenti prenu

chapter 99|5 pages

Ardanti and Fiurina—Ardanti e Fiurina

chapter 101|4 pages

The Dove—La palumma

chapter 102|1 pages

The Red Fish—Lu pisci russu

chapter 106|4 pages

The King—Lu Re

chapter 108|5 pages

Master Joseph—Mastru Juseppi

chapter 112|4 pages

The Poor Young Man—Lu puvireddu

chapter 113|1 pages

The Holy Hermit—Lu santu rimitu

chapter 114|3 pages

The Betrayal—Lu tradimentu

chapter 115|3 pages

St. Joseph—Lu S. Giusippuzzu

chapter 117|3 pages

Pope Gregory—Grigòliu Papa

chapter 119|2 pages


chapter 120|3 pages

Malchus the Desperate—Marcu dispiratu

chapter 124|2 pages


chapter 125|3 pages

Brother John—Fra Giugannuni

chapter 126|3 pages

St. Peter’s Mama—Lu porru di S. Petru

chapter 128|2 pages


chapter 129|5 pages

The Sliced Rooster—Lu menzu-gadduzzu

chapter 130|1 pages

Don Firriulieddu—Don Firriulieddu

chapter 131|2 pages


chapter 132|1 pages

Godmother Fox—Cummari vurpidda

chapter 133|1 pages

The Goat and the Nun—La crapa e la monaca

chapter 134|3 pages

The Cat and the Mouse—La gatta e lu surci

chapter 136|1 pages

The Old People—Li vecchi

chapter 137|1 pages


chapter 138|1 pages

The Treasure—La truvatura

chapter 139|1 pages

The Riddle—Lu ’nniminu

chapter 140|1 pages

King Ridiculous—Lu Re-befè

part II|2 pages

II.Tall Tales and Anecdotes

chapter 143|2 pages

Tìppiti Nnàppiti—Tìppiti Nnàppiti

chapter 144|1 pages

The Four Numskulls—Li quattru minchiuna

chapter 149|1 pages

The Man from Larcara—Lu Larcarisi

chapter 150|1 pages

The Man from Partanna—Lu Partannisi

chapter 151|1 pages

The Peasant from Capaci—Lu Capaciotu

chapter 152|2 pages

The Simpleton from Calabria—Lu Calavrisi

chapter 153|1 pages

The Petralian—Lu Pitralisi

chapter 156|12 pages


chapter 157|6 pages

Uncle Capriano—Lu zu Caprianu

chapter 159|3 pages

Hook and Crook—’Mbroglia e Sbroglia

chapter 161|2 pages

The Shoemaker—Lu scarpareddu

chapter 163|3 pages

The Headstrong Son—Lu figghiu tistardu

chapter 164|3 pages

The Three Hunchbacks—Li tri ghimmuruti

chapter 165|3 pages

Brother Ghiniparo—Frà Ghinìparu

chapter 166|6 pages

Three Good Friends—Li tri cumpari

chapter 167|5 pages

The Fortune-Teller—Lu zannu

chapter 168|1 pages

The Prince—Lu principi

chapter 169|2 pages

Never Trust a Woman!—Va criditi a fimmini!

chapter 170|3 pages

Two Close Friends—Li dui cumpari

chapter 171|5 pages


chapter 172|1 pages

Master Bacù—Mastru Bacù

chapter 176|3 pages

The Tailor—Lu custureri

chapter 177|1 pages

The Two Swindlers—Li dui capi-mariola

chapter 178|2 pages

The Poor Shoemaker—Lu scarparieddu

chapter 179|2 pages

The Two Blind Men—Li dui orvi

chapter 181|1 pages

The Bet—La scummissa

chapter 186|1 pages

“For the Long May”—Maju longu

chapter 187|1 pages

The Stupid Wife—La mugghieri babba

chapter 189|3 pages


chapter 190|12 pages


chapter 196|2 pages

The Riddle—Lu ’nniminu

chapter 197|2 pages

Three Good Pieces of Advice—Li tri rigordi

part III|2 pages

Legends and Ghost Stories

chapter 203|2 pages

The Tuna Viceroy—Lu viciarrè tunnina

chapter 206|1 pages


chapter 207|1 pages

The Evil King Guglielmo—Lu malu Gugghiermu

chapter 208|1 pages

Guglielmo the Good—Gugghiermu lu bonu

chapter 221|1 pages

Sabbedda’s Cave—La grutta di Sabbedda

chapter 226|1 pages

Marabedda Peak—Lu pizzu di Marabedda

chapter 231|1 pages

The Rock of Antedda—Rocca d’Antedda

chapter 238|1 pages

The Peak—Lu pizzareddu

chapter 244|1 pages

The Chasm—Xöni

part IV|2 pages

Proverbial Tales

chapter 257|1 pages

With the Scissors—Fòrfici fòru

part V|2 pages

Brief Tales, Fables, and Animal Stories

chapter 271|2 pages


chapter 272|2 pages

The Two Mice—Li dui surci

chapter 277|1 pages

The Fox—La vurpi

chapter 278|3 pages

The Little Bird—L’Acidduzzu

chapter 281|5 pages

King Crystal—Lu Re Cristallu

chapter 282|3 pages

The Curious Wife—La muglieri curiusa

chapter 283|2 pages

The Stepmother—La parrastra

chapter 284|2 pages

The Hermit—Lu rimitu

chapter 285|3 pages

The Lovely Maiden—La bedda picciotta

chapter 286|5 pages

The Dropped Spindle—Lu fusu cadutu

chapter 288|4 pages

The Little Doll—La pupidda

chapter 289|3 pages

The Lion—Lu liuni

chapter 300|2 pages

A Rare King—Un re raru